[INVESTIGATING] Never Ending Credit Sound

Also experiencing. Seems to happen every 2nd race post restarting the game.

Figured out what that sound was. It’s the effect that plays when your Series score updates on the 2nd? loading screen.

If you skip that screen before the score (and the sound effect) fully plays out, you get that never ending skull drilling noise. I’m honestly impressed that T10 is able to create bugs of such variety 7 games into the series.

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Hello everyone,

We are aware and are looking into it!

Thanks for letting us know!

Anybody else with this?

yes there are several posts covering the same thing om the forums, it’s a known issue. You can either let credit/XP awards run without pressing any buttons until they finish, or back out into the main menu if it happens to you again

This is happening every race for me now. Is there any news on a fix? Quitting to the main menu after every race is not enjoyable

Playing digital version of game on One X system. At the completion of the first race of any career series, the electronic ‘clicking’ noise that signifies credits being added to your balance does not stop. It continues right through the series, through the loading menus and during the race, and ruins the game experience completely. The electronic ‘clicking’ noise does not stop until I exit out of the career mode completely. Have even got the UI volume down as low as it goes and the ‘clicking’ sound still overwhelms the sound of the engine, even more so with headphones on.

This is really aggravating. Is this being looked at or patched??

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Yup I get this almost every time. It stayed on so long once I did an entire race and it only shut off after the credits from the next race were awarded.

I’m on a standard Xbox One if anyone fromTurn 10 reads this and cares.

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I’ve read about this, but haven’t experienced it on one s or x. I have disc based, but I can’t imagine that would make the difference.

Perhaps now that the game is out on One-X, maybe we will see the audio and visual fixes this game needs so badly. Or not. Seems unlikely, but I’d give them kudos if they do resolve all issues. Game does not deserve to be rolled out in a beta state, to be very frank.

I have had this issue twice now, upon completing a race and collecting my credits, the collecting credits noise will stick on and remain on even when changing menus, running races and all options. Only way to solve is close game and reboot.

And again.

Can’t play this game one race at a time, stupidly irritating bug

Not only related to the one x, the normal xbox one also has this flaw and it’s really annoying. This one came with the last update I think.

Only way to kill that annoying grashopper sound is to restart the game. I dont have it every carreer race, but in the last championship of 6 races it has happened 3 times now.

Hope this gets fixed quick because the continous sound is driving me nuts and it’s quite inconvenient to restart the game multiple times when you want to finish a championship.

I’ve read about this issue since the beginning. I experienced if first time today, after collecting rewards, backed out to main menu and never heard from again. Are you rushing through the after race menu as fast as you can?

I have been seeing a regular issue with the “collecting credits/counting sound” on my Xbox One X continuing to play like it is stuck even after I exit that screen.

I am not sure if this issue is unique to the Xbox One X or not, but I did not have this problem on my Xbox One prior to my upgrade to the Xbox One X. (Of course there was also a patch in between my hardware upgrade so that also could be part of the root cause.)

I would also add that I don’t see this problem every time and some times it is stuck during the collecting/counting process, but when it progresses to the actual race it seems to clear.

Not sure if this is enough to go on to solve this issue, but when that noise continues all the way through the next race and during the actual race, it is a bit disturbing.

Anyone else see this issue?

this is a known issue, and was introduced in the last patch. The best way to avoid it is to let the counting/adding credits and XP finish on their own rather than clicking through the animation. You can also usually stop it by backing out to the main menu between races. It’s a right pita, but it is being worked on :0)

Have a similar issue when I progress to the next race before the points ticker moves completely. Sound persists until I back out to main in game menu.
The only way to avoid issue (for me) is to slow down after the race (not clicking A until 2-3 seconds on screen loaded).
Annoying yes, avoidable, yes, but annoying none the less.

This isn’t platform specific as best I can tell. It happened on my launch Xbox One, it’s happened on my Project Scorpio, and it’s happened on my PC.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s annoying. Backing all the way out to the main menu usually clears it as mentioned.

It only happens in the Domination Series and is easily remedied by not spamming continue but waiting about 1 second until the sound stops before choosing next race. When it does loop you just need to back out into the main menu, you don’t need to restart/reset.

The noise is actually the series points increase sound that gets stuck. After a career race the second screen shows the series points increase. If you hit A button too fast the sound for those series point will get stuck. You can go into sound settings while waiting for the next race to load and turn the UI sounds slider all the way left and it is barely audible. The end of the next race, if you wait for the series points marker to advance, the sound loop will stop. This saves more time than having to back all the way out to the main menu tiles. I now force myself to take my time after a career race but sometimes I get button happy.