Introduce 30 Race campaign tracks every 3 months

Ive been beyond bored and dont really have anything todo on Horizon 5 other then tune random cars to somewhat compete with the Meta cars, do Rivals, occasionally muster the patience todo Open racing, most of the time im doing these things im watching youtube and ive been watching a lot of Trackmania stuff lately, ive noticed they get a new Campaign every 3 months which is 30? tracks made by various members of the community where people compete for times as well as online races, now imagine how fresh Horizon 5 would be if we got 30 new community made tracks every couple of months that we could drive either in Rivals or Open racing. As of right now all we have as new content is either the weekly Forzathon stuff, the rare DLC. this would really push the community to make decent tracks that would get recognized by the dev team and would really breath fresh air into the Horizon series.