Horizons 5 no new races

Hoping someone can help me on this one.

So I’ve been playing horizons 5 and I’ve noticed I’m not getting any more new races or anything. I’ve got ticks next to all the horizon adventure choices (21 ticks in total) in the menu, and my last race I unlocked was the Horizons Street Scene Marathon. I’ve done all the speed traps, speed zones, danger signs, drift zones and trail blazers. I’ve done all the “stories” aswell.

If I go into the map and de-select all the options, then click “new”, nothing comes up at all.

I haven’t had any type of cutscene to suggest I’ve finished the game or anything. What am I missing??

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

When you go to Accolades and look in each of the categories for Road Racing, Dirt, Cross Country etc, are they all completed?

I haven’t completed all the accolades as there ate so many of them. Do I have to complete them to get new races?

You don’t get a cutscene or anything to indicate you have completed all the races…you simply just don’t have any more to complete. If you go into the “My Stats” section of the menu, there is a Race Completed entry (can’t remember which sub-menu in there is is)… I think there are something like 68 races at the moment (think it’s 68) so the stat will be 68/83 as more races will come in time

There is no cutscene, the game doesn’t have a real story progression, at some point you just have unlocked everything and that’s it.

Now you can run the same races over and over again.

If you want new tracks, you can try player made tracks in the creative hub menu under Eventlab / Super 7. You can also make your own tracks there

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Ah right OK, I was expecting a cutscene to indicate I’ve finished it, but if they are bringing more stuff out for it, that explains why I haven’t finished it. Thanks for the info :+1:

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You need to complete races to keep unlocking more of that category. Doing stories and the campaign also counts toward this. As others said, if you already have access to the playlist at least, you should have already the map half filled with new races. If you still didnt reach the playlist unlock, then, you are very early into the game and you need to keep playing.