Request: remove 34-mile long tracks from Horizon Open

Horizon Open games either last about a half hour, or up to 2 hours, based on whether the special hero races (Colossus, Gauntlet, Goliath, Marathon, or Titan) get selected. They seem to have about the same chance of getting selected as any other track in a given game-mode, which seems odd since they are up to 10 times longer to run than all the other tracks.

The problem with this is frequently I’m finding myself in a position where I have to drop a Horizon Open event once I see one of these races on the list-- I have time to do a Horizon Open, but I don’t have time to do a 3x as long Horizon Open. Even worse, there’s no way to predict how long any particular Horizon Open series will last due to this issue… and I feel like a dope dropping-out simply because I don’t have enough free time to complete the events. (This post inspired by my having to drop out of a race today because I had to start making dinner and feeling like a heel due to dropping out early.)

I’m not one to complain without offering solutions:

  1. Remove the long tracks from consideration when selecting the 5 tracks for each series
  2. If one of the long tracks IS selected, reduce the series to (at most) 3 tracks instead of 5

The goal would be to make the length of time it takes to complete a Horizon Open series more consistent and predictable.


I don’t mind those tracks being in there, but I mind know having ANY idea of how long it might take you. Many games, you jump into an online mode, and it has a time, or you have a GENERAL idea of how long it will take.

It would be a big deal if it was +/- 10 minute or so, but the time can vary an INSANE amount depending on the tracks. You just have NO idea what you’re getting into, while you normally select a specific mode because you have a general idea of what yours in the mood for.

This isn’t really related, but since you mentioned cutting back rounds… I REALLY wish they would cut back playground games from 5 to 3 rounds. They are terrible tedious modes to begin with, and it’s such a SLOG having to play them for seasonal challenges, especially when it might might be a guaranteed complete challenge depending on how the game goes, and the fact that most of the rounds are TWO rounds. It’s terrible.

I love that the long tracks are in Horizon Open and hope they stay forever tbh


You’re probably in a small minority. Even in FH4, at least in road or street racing, online adventures were only THREE races, not five. And FH4’s long tracks were not AS long as FH5’s are.

Most people want a bite-sized bit of racing, they don’t have the time or inclination to sit down for what could be up to an hour to play five races (with the looooooong loading times in-between as well).


Same here, I just want to play a couple of online races, even 5 are too much and I getting bored of it near the end, imagine getting the Goliath or anything like that, another reason to avoid Horizon Open.

Playground Games has no idea how to make the online modes any interesting or fun looking at how playground mode itself is always the same chore even on FH5 (and personally Eliminator is no better).

I played quite a few Playground modes in open and had tons of fun. The locations are spot on minus Baja (personal taste) and shifting between solo and team make the whole experience so much better. Never played PGG in FH3 and only did the Playlist ones in FH4. Here I will be spending a lot of time there. Eliminator is not for everyone I understand it but in terms of different modes that you can do in a racing game, this two modes are a very very good alternative to racing on designated routes.

And I too think 5 races are a bit too much and the Gauntlet is way too long for Open. Others are fine.

They should make those long races the standard 3 laps opposed to 1

A 340 KM long track is LONG.
Nordschleife is 20KM and you are fast if you are BLOW 7min.
That would be 120min Thats F1 length.

I dont mind a challenge, thats too long for a game.
Im of if the option is there to race it for those that want to.

C’mon, you can leave any time from Horizon Open.
+1 on long tracks in Horizon Open.


FN - Look at the positive side. With longer tracks racing/loading screens ratio is much better :wink:

I think the Gauntlet, Colossus & Goliath are a bit too much for casual Unranked.
Gauntlet on B700 is roughly half an hour. People are dropping out of it every time - and I can understand it.
With such a lenght there is not much racing going on. After a while the field is spred and everyone is driving alone.
I only had one Colossus yet where I had a fun battle on A800 from the start until the line. My 356 against a 360 CS. I got him on acceleration, he got me through the fast sections. Separated by 2 seconds at the line.
But that’s the exception. Mostly I’m having a battle against the clock.
Marathon and Titan with ~ 10 minutes on the lower classes are fine.

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The biggest problem with these finales is those races themselves, are as long as a playlist that doesn’t have that finale in it. Takes up way too much time.

I really like option B.

I’m 50/50 on whether I want/have time to do an open series, often I’ll drop at the start if see one in there. If it was reduced to 3 races in the series I’d be more likely to do it.

I like the inclusion of the longer tracks tbh, sorts out the racers from the chancers :smiley:

Hey I just found Horizon Open I think it’s great! Finding things in these menus is the biggest problem with it.

lol seriously!

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Please keep the long races. They are the best part in Horizon Open!

smart tip - when you join horizon open - you have a list of all tracks coming up. just look at it if it has long races and don’t join!

I do that now but still, especially when it might take multiple tries before you get the sort of lobby you want, it’s another hurdle to find one without a super long race as well.

Yep and when everyone does this then the poor souls who actually want to do it end up having to wait 30 mins while other players are being “fast travelled”.