Interior sounds getting updated??

I can hear the change of sound in the interior of M4 and the r33 Skyline e…Anyone else experiencing it??

I rarely go into first person, but I have noticed small changes in the cab sounds of the Stratos HF (from Horizon 2) and GT350 (from Forza 6). Mainly in the bass resonating, but it can’t be my headphones because I’ve been using the same ones since FH2.

Anyone else noticed the change of sounds??

Apart from every Nissan/Toyota sounding like a generic I6 then nope.

Strange, the various Silvias don’t sound like a generic I6…

probably because they’re i4s.

but definitely doesn’t sound like generic i6s on my end, there’s a distinct difference between the skylines and the supra, and even the bmws.

I know, just living up to my username :wink:

Seriously the interior of r33 Skyline sounds a lot different than the first time I drive it…

Your audio setup makes a big difference as well. Headphones or stand alone speakers will bring out the sound best obviously. l also recommend turning the radio off. lt amps up the car audio. You can clearly hear it come alive!

Yes, definitely. Cut the radio off, max out a Meyers Manx with the stock engine and prepare your ears for the loudest backfires in Horizon 3.


I do run the game without radio…But the interior sound seems muffled