Input lag.

Anyone else experiencing input lag on FH4?

I definitely feel it both with controller and on a wheel, g920, on xbox one x.

Otherwise 10/10 so far, but with the lag it’s kinda 8/10 for me. Makes correcting oversteer kinda hard. I can get used to it in few mins but starting the game it is very noticeable.

I have tried few settings but no luck so far…


not necessarily input lag, but since I unlocked the ‘multiplayer’ part (where it’s all other players’ ghosts) it’s basically unplayable. It keeps lagging in such a way that the car acts like it slowed down to nothing, although it’s still going top speed. Then all of a sudden the lag stops, and you’re smashing into stuff and/or going off the road into the weeds.


I have exactly the same problem. It is so annoying :man_facepalming:


Also, I have yet to try if the performance mode makes any difference compared to the quality mode. i have only tried the quality preset so far…

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In a racing game where latency and frames per second make a big difference when trying to catch a drift and things like that, definitely switch to Performance mode. You will notice a much snappier and easier to control game. You won’t really notice the difference in quality of visuals unless you are looking at a stationary vehicle, but while you’re racing it will look nearly identical. I’m on PC, but my other friends who play on Xbox One X believe it actually looks better in performance mode because there’s less blur from a lower framerate.

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I have an Xbox One X and two Xbox Ones and there is no difference in input lag when switching to performance over quality.

I also play on PC and there is zero input lag on either setting.

I have the exact same problem with input lag…no issues in any other game, just FH4
FM7 and FH3 are perfectly fine

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Unplayable on base x box , tons of input lag


I have a 1X and am using a controller and when in quality mode, the game is nigh unplayable. The steering input lag is horrendous. I too do not have this issue on any other game on my LG C7 with the X. It’s definutely a software issue in the game. I have been scouring Reddit and the forza forums looking for other people having this issue and finally and you all! The performance mode does not have this issue but personally I’d rather play in 4K 30 if the steering input lag wasn’t there but I can’t because it is.

Mmm is that what ive experienced…Im finding the steam train VERY laggy? The problem could be the large player lobbies. They should have private aswell really.

I STILL HAVE THIS PROBLEM , GAME IS SO unplayable because of this input lag

I think of the latest update my game in online just dies. I didin’t have that problem before the update. I do have memory leak problem but it wasin’t an issue. I think its just the games [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] optimaization
I do not think there is any fix for this… I’ll just assume we need to get insane spec PCs to run it well then…

After I installed the game on a SSD the input lag was gone. Buying and installing the game on a SSD is the best choice.

Lol why you playing on ‘quality’ mode, there’s no better quality then 60FPS especially when sim racing, 30FPS naturally causes slight input lag but smoother visuals improve input and reaction time and provide better visibility.

Except that is doesn’t. Input lag is there whether it’s on quality or not!

I have three Xbox’s on three separate tv’s, and the input lag is there on all of them.

I don’t notice much input lag on performance mode and my Thrustmaster TX, but I don’t have a PC to compare.

I would expect a PC with V-sync turned off would be a big improvement to console. V-sync adds at least 1 frame of input lag. at 30fps this is 33ms. at 60fps, this is 17 ms. If your TV also has input lag, you can add that on top of the vsync delay,
On a PC you can run without vsync, so your input lag is merely the lag of your display.

On console, quality mode absolutely has more input lag than performance mode 33ms>17ms.

Not that I could tell

It’s gotten to the point for me where I tend to not play FH4 anymore and tend to play F7 more

Not sure its a good idea necroing a thread, but if somebody already done it, i share what worked for me.
I have an LG 4k 43 inch TV that i have my X1X connected to. I had a lot of input lag until i switched the screen mode to “Gaming”. Basically what Gaming mode does is, it lowers and turns off certain settings of the screen, resulting in better response time.

Official explanation: Game Mode is a setting used to bypass different operations in the TV. When Game Mode is enabled one of the major changes is the DNIe chip in the TV is bypassed. Bypassing the DNIe chip disables some video processing in the TV, which in turn allows for a faster video response time. This is useful when viewing a fast-paced video source such as a video game.

It looked horrible (dim, bad colors) to begin with but tweaking some settings made it look as good as before without affecting the response time (normal x1 controller).
I’m sure all manufacturers have a variety of screen modes (Cinema,Movie,Natural etc.), so try them and tweak with their settings because it might solve your problem.

This actually worked for me, I have an LG TV as well. The input lag was gone and it was amazing to see how the game is actually meant to handle. You can even see the difference in the car select menus. However, the game graphically became choppy and unpleasant to look at when in motion. I also couldn’t get it to look as good as the standard setting.

I switched to performance mode in-game and it also got rid of the input lag and everything is nice and smooth. But the game just doesn’t look as nice compared to quality mode, which is really noticeable since I’ve been using it since launch. So I guess it comes down to what you want: nice graphics or proper handling, which I feel like is a choice I shouldn’t have to make…

I’m surprised this issue isn’t talked about more. Is it a game issue or a TV issue? I have no problems with other Forza games when it comes to input lag.