Input lag.

Good evening,
I HAD the same problem. I play FH4 on a pc gaming rig with extrem specs and never recognized any Input lag.
As I played on my xbox one x I switched from Quality to Performance mode… not really helpfull.
Then I turned on the game mode on my 4k Samsung tv and what can I say. The Input lag is finally gone!
The game is awesome :slight_smile:

If I turn game mode off than I get bad input lag as well. I have a Samsung like the guy above. Make sure and turn off any motion flow/smoothing garbage. If everything looks like a soap opera that stuff may be on. I believe Game mode disables all that.

No input lag here whatsoever, even with TV enhancements on. I’m gaming on a 10-yr old LCD screen, playing on One-X.

It’s your TV I think. Or perhaps internet connection? Don’t know.

I also experienced pretty extreme input lag, which was initially why I stopped playing it the first time. I checked back again recently and it was still the same so deleted it (again).

I’m on the Xbox One S. Early on after it had been released it was absolutely fine. One of the updates definitely added this input lag, and it still hasn’t been fixed. It doesn’t seem to affect everyone though which is weird.

I’ve tried everything from using the controller wired in stead of Bluetooth, making sure game mode is on, redownloading the game. It’s a real shame, because I’d love nothing more than to just sit back and chill with this game.

I have XBox One S, I don’t get a bad input lag. I use wired controller, game mode TV. I noticed that some USB wires are faster than others even in the auction house which is odd.

Input lag is most likely a TV issue. Try game mode if Samsung and whatever the equivalent on other brands.

Yeah, there’s no input lag on my decade old HDTV although I must admit the cars respond slightly differently to how they respond in FM7. Maybe a little slower, I don’t know. But definitely no input lag.

Older sets are usually better because they don’t have as many processing bells and whistles like newer TV sets do.

Oh - well, learn something new every day!

No wonder I don’t have a "game mode’ on my TV.

TBH, even with enhancements set to high, I notice no lag.

My guess is that most people having input lag are using TVs and not monitors for gaming. A lot of TVs have bad lag even in game mode. That’s why you have to be very careful and do lots of research before buying a TV for gaming. I bet a lot of people don’t even bother to put their TV in game mode either.

A good explanation of “game mode” and what it does.

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I have passive input lag and I don’t know how to solve it some times it turns me alone, while several times it turns after 2 seconds how can I solve it?

If all enhancements are off on your TV, then it’s your TV that’s causing input lag.

I never experienced any input lag on my One-X when playing the game at 60fps. Maybe it’s 30fps - I don’t like it, it can feel laggy.