Input lag with keyboard and gamepad

Hello everyone,

Coming here to ask for help. I have a big issue with delay in my input using keyboad and/or gamepad (not wheel).

Basically, sometimes, if i push the joystick left, it will take it into account a full second later (sometimes two). Also works when releasing an input, it might take a full second for the car to stop turning or whatever else it was doing.

This is unplayable. I have a gaming system waaaay better than the recommended one and play on medium uncapped (tried capping but didn’t solve the problem). Lowering the graphics seems to lower input lag, but there is still some and it’s not a viable option. I should have mentionned it worked perfectly two month ago, even on high.

I don’t what i can say to help you find the problem, but hey, thanks for your time.

I’m experiencing something similar, but my issues are with keyboard. Everything was fine before, but out of the blue keyboard has input lag and browsing in the menus seems to be slower (even when I use controller, which seems not to suffer with input lag). Slower menus are more evident, when browsing cars, tunes and designs (using search functions) - loading these things on the screen also takes time now (before they loaded pretty much instantly). The input lag for keyboard is just awful. I used keyboard a lot, when I tuned or designed a car, but now it’s just impossible. I usually run Spotify in the background and, when I change the song or volume level, there is ~2 second delay before the input is registered. Even alt-tabbing takes time. Everything related to keyboard has input lag (same with mouse).

Another thing is Windows Game Bar, which takes forever to pop-up, when I press the X button on the controller.

There is more. I now get random short hiccups, when I play the game. Just for a fraction of a second, but enough to mess up race with fast cars. Best way to describe it is maybe compare it to a game that is installed on HDD and that HDD is under heavy load, which makes the came freeze for a fraction of second and skip few frames. I have FH4 installed on SSD - so can’t blame lousy HDD.

I’m not sure, if the latest game update or some Windows update(s) messed things up. I don’t think it is caused by a third-party program.

FH4 is the only game having these issues. FM7 and FH3 are fine.

I’m glad at least one person has the same problem,

Sorry for the long time i took to answer this topic, i’m very bust atm.

If anyone, has the same problem or an idea for how to help us, we are still hoping ^^