Increase Drift Point multiplier for Driftzones so players can beat there Series 1 Pbs again

What if they had 2 sets of leaderboards for everything. An all time leaderboard (current) which never resets, as well as a new seasonal leaderboard which resets every 4 months.

The new seasonal leaderboard would become the default view whereas the all time leaderboard would require a button press or scroll to view.

When the seasonal leaderboard resets you’re awarded a badge and accolade based on your place on each leaderboard. You can also view your pbs from previous seasons. These never go away.

That way no matter what changes, bugs or cheats happen in a season it will only effect the all time leaderboard which evidently they will never reset.


Yes!! This is a HUGE problem.

Please please please fix this.

I cannot believe it’s been left it like this for so long. It’s a disaster. Effectively removing competitive drift zones from the map.

I can only imagine it’s not been prioritised because it’s been lumped in as a leaderboard issue along with all the hacking issues, but it’s not the same problem.

We’re able to look beyond the “faked” scores and find out for ourselves who is legit but as the game currently is it’s impossible to have a straight competition with the two tier (before & after adjustment) scores.

I’d happily take a clean slate and fresh start if it meant a level field moving forward.

Great games come down to gameplay. Don’t take this highly skilled and competitive gameplay part of the game away from us. Drift zone leaderboards are a huge part of the arcade appeal of the game.

Thank you Kenpai for raising this and hopefully bringing the attention the issue deserves.


100% with ALL posts above.


Yasssss!!! This is my BIGGEST problem with forza 5! And quite frankly with the lack of ranked open drift, and the s1 restriction on available vehicles, I’m quite bored with the game! I can’t ever try to beat my scores on any drift zone in the game! I set some scores very early on, and after the first update they nerfed the scoring, so I can’t even try to beat my top score, which for me used to be a daily event! I’m so mad they nerfed the scoring system!! Either fix it or reset the scores! I can’t believe a developer would take out one of the funnest things in the game!! Like why would you do that?? Fix it please!!


The drift community gets very little love on Forza. No Ranked, No choice on lobby type, awd and rwd stuck together. So of course they just break the break the drift zones and leave them broken.


Yep, it’s impossible to get over old high scores, the boards are jaded due to the nerf.


Plz fix this or at least reset leaderboards


This is the first time P4RZIV4L75 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!



Plz fix this or at least reset leaderboards

Welcome - resetting the leaderboards is something I’ve wanted for a long time - mainly due to the amount of cheaters up there.


They should have fixed it by now, pity we have to resort to every bit of trying to see meaningful gameplay changes. The Unbeatable AI inconsistencies are still there 6+ months post launch :pensive:


just do it.


Yep - “Trying” in every sense of the word.
So many bugs that affect the gameplay, yet still they are happy to announce they’ve fixed a hole in an exhaust pipe or some other useless car noise or dashboard view not being quite right.
Seriously, get to the major bugs first !!!
N.B driving on bumpercam without any rearview mirrors is what I would class as a Big Bug Viewcam issue. Not the - Oh, the dials on the inboard dashboard aren’t what they should be.
Sorry - Off main OP topic but it just BUGS Me !!!
Been asking for this way back in FH4.


Also Separate AWD/RWD for GODS SAKE!!!


Absolutely gutted with FH5 the past year tbh, loved the drift zones and then they broke the scoring system within the first month.

The fact that they haven’t even acknowledged this in the last 10 months is a huge insult and I pretty much don’t play anymore.

A leaderboard wipe would be such a simple fix and I’m really confused as to why it wasn’t done within a week of this initial mistake


Needs to be done.


100 percent agreed


Agreed, either this or just wipe the leaderboard so we can put new scores on but with the new system


100% agree as my housemate and i are very competitive amongst each other and we cant even get close to our old scores.
would love them to reset all scores but they wont.


100% agree, they must separate awd to rwd into scoreboard AND online events.
I think it will be cool to have a B class on events, and the reverse tracks too

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Totally agree with literally every post before me!

Very rare moment.

Playing on XSX.

I went out of my way to to say this please please add drift events and drift zones it is a motorsport after all