Incompetent support. Many graphical glitches not fixed, many mods that make no sense. 2 yr old game!

For a 2 year old game, i would have expected by now, almost all of the graphic glitches and senseless things to be rectified by now.

But no… i ever submitted some feed back many many months ago, till now the glitches that i outlined in the game are still not fixed.

I actually stopped playing this for many months. But recently interest was renewed when i realized the 2018 Megane RS exist in game.

  1. The community is more helpful than the official game support. As with most people, i had connection issues and was unable to join an online game.
    Official support was not helpful. But i tried a fix someone in the community posted. Worked right as rain. Recently i had issues as well, and why am i not surprised the fix i tried was from someone in the community too.

  2. So many mods that don’t make sense. The generic forza mods are so hideous and don’t make sense at all. Like the front carbon diffuser; sometimes its too big. and the tow hook and canards just look crap. Oh and that rear duck spoiler. So Nascar. How wou anyone would want to put that Nascar-esque duck spoiler on a Ford Raptor truck or whatever it is, genuinely is beyond me. Maybe its just me but it feels like they put the option in for the sake of putting it in. Doesn’t matter if they made it ugly and people won’t use it; they just did it to fulfill a KPI or something.

  3. That generic GT Wing. [Mod Edit - profanity removed- MM]

  4. Someone needs to recheck all the wheels. The Motegi MR619 does not exist in real life? Also you cant really paint over that wheel for some colors. Like Prismacolor black. It still is red wif… glitter. Also if u try to paint it with the aluminum and steel colors. it looks damn weird; the red base is still showing underneath.

  5. the Honda Civic Type R EP3. I really highlighted this to the feedback guys sometime back. if u try to increase the width of this Civc, 1 side will be flush, and 1 side will still be tucked in the depths of the fenders. OMG. Still not fixed!

  6. Why does the Clio RS not have a cup spoiler as an option, instead giving it a big ass rear wing that doesnt make sense? Same wing is on the Megane RS cars i think. Why!!!

  7. Talking abt flushness; why can you increase the width of some cars, and some cars not? And on certain cars, the width increase of the front/rear axle is not consistent.

I am sure there are still many that are left unsaid. Or yet to be discovered. Or no-one has bothered to fix it. I suppose nobody takes pride in their work?

Perpetually disappointing.


I love that you think because you discovered some issues with the game you think they should be fixed ASAP and anything else be put on the back burner.

I love even more that they haven’t been fixed, which has upset you enough to write a 4 paragraph essay of the same complaints.


Motegi MR619, absolutely do exist in the real world.

This whole post is cringy.

There are bigger issues with the game, one of which was fixed recently, than 98% of your complaints.


The name exists in the real world. it doesn’t look like the same wheel. not even a teeny weeny bit.

Whatever bigger issues they are, i don’t really notice it. But if its such a big issue, it should have been resolved long ago. They only got here after 2 years? You would expect a fix in the first 3 months.

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This. I could understand complaining about game breaking bugs, or technical bugs or whatever, but astethic and personal preference “bugs”?? hahahaha. Ridiculous. This game, like others have flaws, and some bugs that need to be fixed. But thats about it… as any other racing game, you will find cars you dont like, or with accessories you dont like or whatever. Good thing you have hundreds of them to chose from…

You make some assumptions that these are bugs, it could very well be that the manufacturer’s licensing deal with Playground or Microsoft or whatever limits what the developers can actually put in the game. The McClaren F1 LM is not ‘just a wing’, its a unique model car and ultra rare. They have the F1, they have the GT version of the F1, either McClaren wanted a ton of cash to also include the F1 LM in the game or the developers felt that it simply wasn’t going to be popular enough to include 3 vintage McClarens…either way, it’s not like we need to trash them for it.

Clearly you never played the old Gran Turismo games…

Not trying to argue with u, but clearly u didn’t read my post properly.

Since when did i make any assumptions that “these” are bugs? Which are the “these” are you referring to?

Sure, its could be like what you said; licensing deals limit the game developer to what they can actually put in the game. If you want to talk abt the LM (wing), sure let’s talk about it.

I am fully aware its a completely different car. Obviously the LM is not in the game for some reason; of which i am totally not interested to know why. if its not in the game, its not in the game, for some reason. Simple as that. Actually if you know your Mclarens, its not really that different from the road car. But nvm, you can read all about it yourself.

My point being, if the road car is in the game, and obviously the LM isn’t, the least you can do is to allow a LM type wing as an option. the generic gt wing is ugly, and on something as special as a Mclaren F1 road car, its a travesty.

Now on trashing. The thrashing is more on inaccurate 3d models of the cars themselves, and what imho are ill thought out option maps for these cars. Sure you don’t mind; but i do. So its obvious we all adhere to different standards.

Personally i feel that if you are out to make a racing game, then do it properly. Not half ass it.

Personal opinion, i am allowed to have 1, as much as u r allowed yrs, and i respect that.

If someone says this needs fixing, they are generally suggesting something is broken…bug…error…issue…I’m using these words interchangeably in this case.

This has been part of all the forza games…they include some ‘generic’ options that are supposed to not only provide a visual cue that the car is upgraded but also provide some form of either front-end or rear-end downforce adjustment. But they are generic, indeed.

I could say I side with you in one argument, why are “vintage” cars limited to the duck-tail spoilers and not the full-on generic rear-wing…that always bothers me when the only ‘generic wing’ I can choose is the short-stubby NASCAR style versus the full-on aero wing.

You called them incompetent in the title of your post, that was a little harsh…incompetence implies lack of talent, we don’t know why some of these situations exist, but considering how well done the rest of the game is and the amount of content available within it, I’d suggest incompetence is not at play here…

Properly meaning 98% of the game is excellent and 2% can be debated based on the users preference? Some hate Horizon because it doesn’t have the same physics as Motorsport, others hate it because its too hard and not arcadey-loose as say FH3 was perceived as being, I mean when we take into account the scope of the game they have delivered, varying seasons, so many cars and so forth…and how it’s not selling millions of copies anymore a month, most likely, one has to also ask: Why are they even supporting it at all at this point, why not just say “ok here’s our game, enjoy it, if its broke now it’s going to stay broke…see you at Forza Horizon 5!” …but they don’t, they keep releasing updates. While you are of course welcome to your opinion and are a bit more of a perfectionist than I happen to be, I think in the end we can agree, hopefully, that this game is not a dumpster fire of flaws…its a very well rounded game that still has some rough edges, as all games tend to do.


My best part is: “I even submitted a ticket many months ago and they still did not fixed it.” Do you ever consider others? Who knows how many tickets with fix this car, fix this sound or add this aftermarket parts do they receive. I get it when there are bugs, glitches people rightfully demand a fix, but there must be a limit. Everybody want more options for adjustable wings but does anybody ask why is it like this? Licenses are getting more and more ridiculous. I’m sure there would be some company trying to sue T10/PG as soon as a similar wing appeared as an option. People are greedy.
Maybe a smaller car list would make the customization better. Personally I prefer more cars than more wings.

The best part. Not yours. Also there is no past tense after “did”.

Sorry, semi grammar. I went back to check my post; i thought u copied and pasted my own mistake. Phew.

Now. Lets address your points.

The consideration of others is not my problem, nor should i be concerned.

First off, allow me clarify quite clearly, that i can tell the difference between a glitch(actually maybe i used this word wrong, perhaps it should be a bug, or an inaccurate model), which rightfully shouldn’t happen/exist in the game, and what, is a missing option part for a car.

The glitch or whatever u call that, should not be in the game, but sure i agree with you, they get alot of tickets. And requests for certain option parts and what not.

IMHO, they have a duty to fix all these glitches, bugs and what not. The option parts though, are not a prerogative, but the ones that i see are missing, should be in the game. I may not be familiar with every car, but the ones that i am familiar with, i have pretty good ideas on what should go on. Just little little things. It just makes it more complete. Certain things have clearly been half-assed. For example, the lack of an Evo9 JDM rear bumper for the… Evo9. Licensing maybe but, if thats really the case, i am sure they can come up with an alternative.

Anyways, you are quite right, i am sure they get alot of tickets. SO FIX THE GLITCHES/BUGS. ITS BEEN 2 YEARS FFS.

Incompetent support… Graphical errors are not bugs, or glitches, and do not require any support. The cars in games used to be squares… you are lucky!

Fair enough.

But sorry. I still think its an half assed effort.

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