In serious need of good a class jdm cars

Im a massive fan of japanese Cars and so I mostly drive only those cars, you know, the NXS’S, the GTR’S, the Supras and how their all called. But im really sick of getting my butt kicked in ranked leage racing by a sweater in a cobra or atomic punk, especially in A CLASS ROAD/STREETRACING. Has anyone some good setups to share to at least have a chance at giving them a run for their money? Im always like 5 seconds behind and pls no Engine Swaps. I couldnt get my heart over swapping a V8 in a beatiful RB26 Skyline Car.

R32 is good in A class however it needs V8+Centrifugal supercharger to be good. Nissan pulsar can also be good but it needs 3.2 I6 engine. Nissan Nsx-R is also good but again it needs 3.2 I6.

I know hearing muscle car sound from a japanese car is annoying as hell but those engine swaps give more power for the same PI costs. You have to swap them if you want to be competitive.

GT-86 / BRZ are decent with stock engine. Not enough accel and will get burnt in power tracks, but extremely nice handling to keep the speed up if the track suits it (frequent gradual turns, fewer right angle turns).

Will take a look at it

Take a look in the tuners garage, I`ve raced some ricers. Tryed to stay clear of the Chevy V8 swaps to make them True JDM racers