In Focus 10-8-14 (Gr333nz)

Hey everyone!

After a manic past few weeks encompassing #ForzaFUEL, a nice holiday afterwards in Egypt, and of course the launch of Forza Horizon 2, it’s an absolute pleasure to be bringing you another edition of In Focus. Have you missed us?!

We’re back well and truly with a bang this time with a massive bumper edition of Forza goodness, featuring the awesome paints of Forza Community member Gr333nz. Remember, if you like what you see all of the below paints should be available on the storefront, so if you like what you see get downloading.

Good to see Gr333nz featured, well done sir!


Thanks ab and a big thanks to Ian for another feature, forza has been a big part of my life a long time now, I don’t know what is do without it lol, keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

Was my pleasure Gr333nz. Sorry it took a little while to get up, it was such a great article though I wanted to wait to so it could be the first In Focus up on the Forza Hub :slight_smile:

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Congrats Gr333nz on the feature! It’s great to see a great painter and one of my favorites get some props! Love your work!

Thanks for the great feature article Helios.

Gr333nz your work is simply jaw dropping fantastic. It is inspirational and don’t take this the wrong way, a little intimidating. The depth and detail is just amazing. I will be hunting down your designs now. Awesome!!!

I wish I had more time to expand on my simplistic designs. Thanks for sharing.

How is it even possible for people to be that talented!!!

There’s only so many superlatives in the English language!!! AMAZING

Helios – Oh my, imagine my surprise!!

Ha apologies, I meant to put Blue Reaper there! I’ve since PM’ed you though about getting you featured at some point, look forwards to hearing back from you!


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Congrats on the feature! I had no idea it was you this week, mate. Must have missed that tweet, lol.

I’ve got a few of your cars in my garage, but the paints that u create are insane!
One of the all time greats.

Keep it up, inspiring lesser painters like me and making those fantastic pieces.

Wow! Great work mate: have to admit both inspiring and fully intimidating. My simplistic 90 layer designs are truly child’s play compared to these works! Great Stuff

Amazing work dude. Well done. It amazes me the level of quality that a few can achieve with the build in editor. You are indeed quite talented Sir! :slight_smile:

Congrats Gr333nz, excellent talent and skills. Honored to be mentioned, It was a pleasure to showcase your amazing designs!

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awesome feature! and wow that’s alot of images in there, saw it first in the HUB yesterday!

Thanks for all of the amazing comments and messages, i really appreciate all of the great feedback.
@furia636 no problem mate its been a pleasure, viewing your shots over the years.
thanks again everyone.
Gr333nz :smiley:

Amazing cars. Gr333nz is awesome. I love downloading these types of cars and showing them off to everyone when I demo this game in Best Buy.

Forza 4 Unicorn car: Any will do, I just need to pop that last achievement.

congratulations Gr333nz
you are a benchmark in the field of painting
and you gave me
the desire to make creations.
You won your highlighted.
continued we feasted his eyes.
see you soon my friend