In car camera view

steering wheel delete!

I really wish in the in-car camera views, you could turn off the steering wheel. I hate how the other option it puts you to close to the dash. You can’t see your gauges in most cases, or use your rear view mirror at all! Its like the camera is sitting ontop the steering wheel. Its too close to the dash. The further back view is perfect but the steering wheel is so distracting!! I hate it. The characters movement doesnt match your input so its kind throws you off. Wish it was an option to toggle on and off. In that view you can see the dash and use the rear view mirrors.

Neither of the in car cameras is good. They are the equivalent of driving with one eye closed while wearing horse blinders. The view is far too restricted.

Is that a joke? the cockpit camera is amazing. Maybe you just dont like racing games, period. But the immersion of the cockpit view is basically THE ONLY thing where this game excels in front of any other racing game that existed in this past decade. Oh nvm, i forgot this guy Hsien is the one who comes from the need for speed series, that explains everything.

To the op, there are several interior cameras. One of them is the dashcam, that doesnt have steering wheel, like every single racing game that ever existed. And this is an ARCADE, if you want free movement in the cabin and other extra things, this game is not for you.

Not true if you’re playing on a superultrawide monitor. It’s the equivalent of putting two regular monitors together, but without the bezel in the middle.

Makes driving in cockpit the best way to drive… Except then you have to deal with the cockpit lighting bug. What are we, 8 months in at this point?

Not sure where you got the idea I’m from the Need for Speed series. Forza Motorsport and Horizon have been my goto series for many years. I have enjoyed a handful of other games, but not nearly as much or as dependably.

In any case, I gave my reasoning for maligning the in car cameras and my description was fairly literal - if I get into an actual car, close my right eye, and block the peripheral vision of my left eye it’s almost exactly the view we get in game (with a standard setup). Now, for someone with PVL who is missing one eye perhaps that’s immersive, but for me it’s barely a step up from driving blind.

A better solution is to have 900 degree steering and actual animation for the pedals, paddles, sticks, and handbrakes.