IMO, revealing too much of FH5

Sorry, but I feel like they are revealing way too much of the upcoming game. May have to take a break from the forums so that when the game does arrive for me on Nov 5th it want be so boring. I want to retain the excitement of driving around and seeing the environment and not feeling like, when am I going to see something I haven’t already seen on a video stream.

Just like today with the release of the mural art. There’s no real reason to explore the map with excitement searching for the murals now because we just seen all of them! By the time we all get the game it will feel like a repeat.


I’ve already stopped watching the streams for exactly this reason, I want the opening sequence and early game play to be new and exciting, not a case of déjà vu. I’m glad there’s not going to be a demo because I know I’d give in eventually and play it…

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They are showing things that I wouldn’t show if I was in charge.


I agree, but the worst part is they are showing off the wrong things. I don’t want to see the showcases. That’s what I play the game for! What I do what to see are things like a breakdown of the physics improvements with demonstrations, or the improvements/changes to the painting tool, or the new tire options that are available. You know, the stuff that gets us excited to be hands on with the game, playing with those new systems and tweaks ourselves. Instead it’s been too much of “Hey let’s spoil the single player!” Don’t get me wrong showing off stuff like the new way to progress through the single player was great, but I then skipped the co-op mission they did.

It feels like it’s impossible to completely avoid the content they’re releasing though. The youtube algorithms already know I love the Forza Horizon series. Can’t unsee those thumbnails.


I agree. They have shown what they don’t need to show and have yet to show what they should.

We are less than two months away from the release of FH5. But I haven’t pre-ordered FH5 yet.
Why? Because they announced that they are going to make a big change in the livery editor, and they haven’t announced any details about it.

I have enjoyed creating livery since FM1 and love the current system.
If they make any type of changes to this system that I don’t want, I will finally consider retiring this series.

That’s how important the changes to the livery editor are to me.
And the changes in this system will be important to other painters as well, though not as much as me.
I hope they will release more information about the new livery editor soon.
Hopefully I will contribute to their sales by buying the most expensive edition again this time.

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many other times they drip fed info until it was almost demo time. Now with no demo they are making sure they let folks know what they are getting,

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I don’t watch streams, I wait for things to filter out to me through YouTube. And even then I don’t watch every video that pops up. And whole pages of thumbnails can’t spoil anything of importance for a Forza game. Unless “Jeep Killed Hummer Door” maybe.

They’ve shown off 3/4 of the map so far which is the biggest downer you could possibly do.


I agree, I don’t want to see the big opening cinematic scenes on my phone or laptop, I’d rather experience it for the first time on big 4k tv, so no point in watching any of the Lets Go since they spoil all of that.

Secondly I am very confused by their car list rollout, arguably the biggest draw of the game (second to location probably), and it seems kind of disorganized, confusion with cars on twitter vs official forum vs what is seen in Lets Go videos. I understand they have to use a developer build to show it off but why show cars on the stream that wont be in the game (like getting people’s hope up with a P1 GTR seen a FH4 stream).

At first I thought they were doing really well with the hype train for this, the AMG One and Bronco and reveal but since then, showing too much of showcases, car list confusion, and removing forza loyalty rewards has put a huge damper on my excitement for news and the game.


No one buys something they’re not familiar with. In the absence of a demo, they’re revealing piecemeal details of the game that are new and exciting that most of us appreciate. There is nothing wrong with this method as it’s in keeping with past modes of revelation.

i havent seen any streams and the only youtube video i saw was the one where they were showing off how they got the sounds of the engines right. my life is plenty busy so the next couple months will fly right by.

honestly my biggest let down till now was the car list, i know that they haven’t put all the secret ones but really how many of them will truly be new, which means that 85-90% is from horion 4 and the worst part is that they removed more cars than they added so now i’m kinda of thinking if it’s worth even buying and since horizon 2 i always buy the most expensive version

PGG has gone on record saying the list isn’t complete. The list is just confirming cars that are for sure going to be in the game. It is not the final count for day 1.

I miss some Xbox One footage. Most af the gamers will have to play it on the old consoles because the Series X is (and will) not available for the next months, and only few have powerful enough PCs for the game. So 80-90% will play that thing on old hardware. But we havent even seen a second how it will look like on the old boxes. Why not?? I will buy it ONLY on disc, but if you buy it online you are screwed if you dont like it. if you have the disc version and you dont like it, sale it on the internet.

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