Good reveal, but you're showing your bad habits again

90% of all the reveal trailers, talks, and articles we got today focused on the ray-tracing and dynamic weather. Yes, that stuff is good and I’m glad it’s part of the game, but you did this same song and dance with Motorsport 5-7 and never followed up with the features. I did see tire/fuel strategy briefly mentioned in your article, which is great, but you should’ve had Chris talk more about it on the press release.

I really hope you guys focus more on the sim stuff in your next stream. We know the game will have good graphics but that isn’t what the majority of us are looking for. I want to reiterate that the reveal was well done and I’m overall impressed, but all the graphics talk has left me a bit concerned that the focus of the game has been misplaced yet again.


what other sim features are you expecting them to implement into this simcade series other than tyre compounds, track temps, fuel usage?

Well we know about tire types and degradation, fuel consumption(hopefully dynamic) and we know temperature effects the tires(hopefully deg as well as grip). I don’t see them going too crazy as far as brake temps but i would like to see penalties in both single and multiplayer and as many tweakable raceday options as possible like qualifying, multipliers for fuel and tire deg stuff like that.

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The reveal was fine for this game. To me it seems the first reveal is always graphics and whatever new tech they are pimping. Basically, the kind of stuff that appeals to casual viewers and also shows off the console’s power.

The hardcore sim fans usually have to wait to find out the details they are interested in. There are less of us than there are casuals and this is a game that has to appeal to both. And lets be real, what you’re interested in is different than me. The sim fans rarely agree on things.


I hope there’s a dynamic drying line.

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Reveal was awesome. They will never appease everyone. Now carry on.

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Absolutely. The game has to look good. Make the audience say “wow, I have to check that game out”. So it’s going to be graphics first, with exciting driving. They want to see why they should get a Series console, or why they should subscribe to Game Pass.

That depends. I am sure that we agree that taking the “trying to please everyone” approach; alienated darn near all from the more recent Forza Motorsport titles. What should be done to fix it, is where we disagree. I would like Forza to be a hardcore simulation, with a good game structure on top. But that is what I want…

Never mind. We will never see eye to eye on this. :grin:

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Im ok if it isnt hardcore sim as long as there are enough options to make a championship series feel like one.

And then stats and leaderboards. But I aint going to rant on that today. Im saving my rants for later.


Maybe we’ll all have something to legitimately complain about, in the next 2-3 hours or so? :sweat_smile:

They haven’t actually showed dynamic weather, only time of day. I wonder if rain will have any effect on driving or it will be just a set-piece like in FM7. Turn 10’s concept of dynamism has proved to be quite childish many times in the past. They do shiny graphics but can never really dig into the simulation aspects, despite always promising it.

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Rain and puddles have an effect on driving in FM7…

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Amen Brother!

At least after FM4. FM4 they were right on the cusp of taking a giant step into hard core simulation land, and at the success of Forza Horizon, they chickened out.

I want them to do it. Put a serious simulator engine under the new Forza Motorsport, and still keep all of the superfluous stuff you’d find in a Forza Motorsport title. I guarantee this game would be a revelation for racing titles.

Ever fall off the lead lap and out of the top 10 in a rainy race in FM7? It’s interesting, to say the least.

When it actually rains, yeah it has an effect.

In multiplayer lobbies or sometimes in free play, it seems like there will be rain when the game means ‘Fog’ conditions.

This happens to me at least half the time, and while it is dynamic, its still feels like its either gonna be wet or dry in any given race without much change.

I do however remember that dynamic weather was also a huge talking point before FM7 came out, and it was pretty disappointing, at least it was to me.

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I just want real animated pit stops. It doesnt have to be really realistic. Just need it to fullfill my racing fantasies.

For my opinion it was a great reveal. But also we know that there’s always some marketing in any presentation and Dan Greenawalt is a pro reagarding to this.

But also it is fact that the next Forza Motorsport will have great improvements to visuals, physics, track status, tire compount and pit crew (my wish since FM 2).

The next important questions for me are:

  • How will the upgrade-system work and will the car sound change after changing mufflers and motor parts?

  • FM 7 had a great selection of cars. Considering the status (like said in the reveal) that the new FM will have more focus on racing-cars i still hope that we will have a whole selection of “normal” street cars from the last decades.

  • Will it have a licensed soundtrack this time? I’m one of the few people (i assume) that love to have good music while racing. Also in real life without good and loud music in my car i drive nowhere.

And for the Love of All things racing… please give us some championship or campaign replayability! It was pretty well done and enjoyable but once you get to the end there’s nothing left to do except avoid crashing multiplayer online or go to the track day meet up and get run into by F1 cars.

Let us replay the campaign, it would be a simple checkbox to reset. And let us create custom championships, that can’t be too hard to develop either. So many people have requested this for so long, I don’t understand how it doesn’t exist. I understand they want you to buy the next version of the game so if they make it to replayable people will just stay with what they have. But the fact is it takes two to five years for a new version of the game so give us something to do please.

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The counter argument to replaying the career…

After completing the career, all of the events are unlocked. You could simply just re-race anything you want. You just won’t get the bonus prizes for doing so.

What’s with all the old accounts posting for the first time in years ever since this board got a facelift? Most of which I’ve seen doing nothing but sheer promotion of new releases. Those being this upcoming “built from the ground up” Motorsport and the dumpster fire launch that was FH5.

On topic, welcome to modern day corporate development. There’s a reason a few of us long time fans have not purchased recent Forza titles. If I’m being honest, the new Forza trailers look like FM7 to me. And, being I still continue to play FM7, I don’t see anything fantastically different to spend another $99.99 on something more recent only because it’s “the latest”.

You’re not alone. But, let’s be honest, opinions, good or bad, don’t count unless they fit the agenda of the fellas providing the product.