I'm very curious how these people are beating me in races.

I’m not saying I’m an elite driver or anything, but I do consider myself solid. I’ve been in the same lobby against this same guy for a few races and my best lap time is almost a full second slower than his each race.

What bothers me is that when I went back to look at the replay, the way he took apexes were not on the level I was taking mine. I also noticed that his clutch was being choked longer than usual during upshifting. One last thing, it almost looked like his car was drifting around the corners, but the tires maintained near perfect contact without burning out much.

Is there some secret method that I’m unaware about? On Bathurst, My fundamentals of racing were being outclassed by this guy and his secret moves by his 60’s muscle cars (2:11) outdoing my 92 NSX (2:13). Also on Laguna Seca, he got 1:30 and I got 1:31.

His car is faster

Muscle cars are very very fast in this game.

Odds are his build is far superior than yours and therefore he could drive it not as well and beat you more times than not.

You can’t put too much weight into the replay. Clutch seems to always sound bad in replays and there may have been some lag which makes him appear to be sliding around excessively.

However, when you’re driving a muscle car at it’s peak grip levels, you’ll be sliding tires and putting up smoke. Push it too far and you’ll be drifting and losing time.

It’s also possible he was using TCS as a crutch to compensate for bad driving. TCS seems to be way more helpful in this game vs others.

Solution: drive a better car.

Yea you can’t go by replays theyre 30fps compared to 60fps in the game

Those sound like A-class times?

In A class, a 2:11 on Bathurst and 1:30 on Laguna Seca are just okay. I run 2:08’s on Bathurst; the really good drivers run 2:05’s or even 2:04’s in lobbies. I run 1:29’s on Laguna Seca; the really fast guys run 1:27’s or better. So, the big secret is you’re not driving as fast as you think you are.

If he’s missing some apexes and sliding a little in corners, he’s probably carrying more speed into them. Also he’s probably got a car with less grip and more power than yours, which means if he manages to get through the corner at the same speed as you, although it may look ugly, he’s going to be able to accelerate out of it faster.

Watch some raceboy77 footage on twitch; he’s got ridiculous amounts of it archived and he’s one of the best drivers, if not the best, in the game. You’ll probably learn some things bout what it takes to go faster, and probably find out which skills you need to practice the most.


Thank you for the truth guys. I think my best bet is to completely overhaul my methods of tuning and find new and better solutions. I’ve seen people use my same car post times 5 seconds quicker than mine.

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Your tuning could be completely fine, it sounds like your builds could use some work. For Bathurst you need to make the NSX a speed build. 5.2 handling is about what you need there and it is capable of 2.03s to 2.04s

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To elaborate on 40’s point, tuning really shouldn’t make seconds of difference, unless your tunes are so bad that you can’t control the car.

Build can absolutely make seconds of difference; you need a car/build that suits the track. Bathurst needs low-to-moderate grip and the most top-end acceleration you can get. Laguna Seca needs good turn-in, moderate-to-high grip, and lots of low-end acceleration. Running a competitive Bathurst car at Laguna Seca, or a competitive Laguna Seca car at Bathurst, will definitely cost you seconds.

But assuming the tune is driveable for you, and the build at least somewhat suits the track, driving technique will make a huge difference. Two passes through a certain corner that both look pretty good from a line perspective, might be as much as 0.5 seconds apart in how they contribute to the lap time, and that’s just one corner. How much speed you carry on entry and how early you get on the throttle on exit make a vast difference, even when the line looks the same. Racing your own ghost on rivals will show you this.

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Well it turns out that I wasn’t building cars for a purpose. I always tested every car I made on Le Mans Bugatti circuit, and I figured that if it met my 1:45-1:46 requirement, it was good to go. I was recently able to make a '00 SVT Mustang go 2:10 on Bathurst strictly focusing on speed first, then I applied any handling upgrades last.

So you’re all right, buying certain upgrades for certain tracks makes all the difference. Thanks alot!

Bugatti isn’t a bad track to tune on. Usually that track provides pretty solid grip tunes and cars that are fairly stable for all other tracks; though they may not be fast enough.

Usually if you have one favorite car it’s best to have at least two build setups…one for grip and the other for top end. From there via on track results you may need to slightly modify your builds to be a little better around indy gp/spa/alps for example.

Don’t forget though that in all builds try to get as much acceleration out of the car.

Ill give you a little trick to use when building a car, buy a new car, download a top tune, then go into the upgrade shop and reset your car to default, then add the parts back from the downloaded build, you already paid for them so they say purchased. So now you have a good build that you can tune yourself. This is useful for using the same car on multiple tracks but you can modify it yourself now because its technically not someone elses tune. Good luck

i’ve drove other guys tunes to try and get a general idea of how they are setting up their cars but have never tore one down and see what upgrades they made. just seems wrong. you may as well just keep the tune and drive it. besides, can you really be proud of a win that you got using someone elses hard work? i cant. id rather finish last every time.

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Please no… taking somebodys build doesn’t help in the bigger picture. I would recommend buying 2 cars and put the build on one car. Drive that car and feel how it drives. Try to get ur build to match the other one down to horsepower torque and weight. Figuring out how to build is much better then just copying a build. After u have the build try to tune it and get it to drive like the other car.

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If you download a tune then copy the horsepower, weight and so on isnt that the same as what i said only your buying 2 cars when im only buying 1. Your still copying it just in a more round about and expensive way. I dont use this technique all the time, but if i make a build and a tune and its still not competitive im gonna find out why so by doing this im able to get the right build and i can fiddle with the tunes to get it right for me.

Rather large difference… working to find the build is alot harder then copying a build. When i was going thru my how to build and tune process (this is my first motorsport game) i would buy somebodys car and drive it. I would try and get a build that mimics that one because i was trying to teaching myself how to build correctly.

By doing that strategy upabove within a couple of months building a top teir car became much easier. There is no formula to building except trial and error. Building and rebuilding and going thru the frustraition of not being able to get it just right.

To each their own but at least try to mimic the build before taking it

I admire your work ethic, like i said i build and tune my own cars i have since forza 1.Maybe ive been playing this series too long, but i dont really see the difference in what we’re both saying. You downloading a build and tune, then mimicking it is copying it. Youll always end up with the same power and weight because you have to, to stay competitive. There are guaranteed ways to build a top car in forza, thats why so many are the same stats with the tunes making the difference. There has always been little build quirks in the game that make your car instantly better. Each game differs, but not by much its always the same formula. This being your first motorsport you wouldnt know this, but i can guarantee when forza 6 comes out if you make top tier tunes now you will in that game also. My suggestion was a little shortcut that is handy when you want to tune a car but you dont want to or cant waste too much time on one car.

To add on to JOHNSONs point, a tune that is downloaded and then taken off will commonly glitch out the turbo/supercharger that was used and will not be able to be reinstalled. You will not be able to manually install it again.

Does not take into account tire pressure, down force adjustments, spring adjustments, gear ratios, bump stops damper, toe, or castor differential. All will be reset to default. But yes you will see purchased upgrades, just not what they are set to.

Yes, it’ll give you the build but not the tune. I’ll admit I like setting up cars this way, because I like tuning but I find building to be tedious. Once I start tuning, sometimes I’ll go back and adjust the build to adjust the balance between grip and speed, but building from scratch just takes so long to try out all possible combinations, when I could just use the research the community has already done as a starting point.

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Exactly… Its not about taking someones tune just the build. Certain parts are better than others, its usually similiar throughout the motorsport series but every iteration tgey make a few stand out more than others. Like i said, i do this sometimes when my builds arent as good, so instead of wastng time tinkering with each part (some people dont find this to be a waste of time, but i do) i can just get the right build, tune it, and then test it. Not replace sports exhaust with sports ignition test, go back replace ignition with air filter, test it, go back to sport exhaust, so on and so fourth…i dont have time for this like i did when i was younger.