Question on Leaderboard...

I know that I’m not the fastest driver out there and I try and I try to drive clean but this evening, after finishing a race on Indianapolis, I noticed that the #1 racer had a lap time of 15 seconds in a Trueno. How is that possible? Is there a NOS upgrade somewhere in Forza that I’m not aware of? I admire the people that have worked hard to get to the #1 spot on the global leaderboards but 15 seconds?

It’s a glitch. Just ignore it and Turn 10 will get around to scrubbing the leaderboards when they can.

can you watch the replay?

I hope it’s a glitch because that would really suck if someone were able to do this intentionally.

you said after a race…were you playing multi car races and not rivals? if so its not like the old forzas. in career the race ends when you cross the finish line, in multiplayer it ends when the countdown expires so the last place player will have a low lap time because he only finishes a partial lap, not the full lap. he was 15 seconds into his last lap when the race ended, he didn’t have a 15 second full lap.