Ideout Nation Garage (Festival Upgrade & Tuning)

All tune based on my racing style, any feedback appreciated. Let’s enjoy the game :slight_smile:


Under construction : re-upgrade & re-tuning all car with new method

- DIRT -

Under construction : re-upgrade & re-tuning all car with new method.

Series 8 - Summer Festival

  • Porsche Cayman GTS (2015) - Meet And Street (Road Race).
    Pick and tune a wrong car for this summer festival challenge! Rear wheel drive with no room for brake improvement make this car slippery on the wet track, but in the end this car still do the job well.
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  • Mercedes Benz X-Class (2018) - Pick Me Up (Dirt Race)
    Mercedes Benz X-Class with stock tire in a wet dirt surface make controlling this car is bit challenging. As long as we control braking and throttle timing, we can win the race with this car upgrades and tuning. Don’t rush and keep in control.
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Series 8 - Autumn Festival

  • BMW M3 (1997) - Street Contest (Road Race).
    Tight space to upgrade make this BMW M3 had to use stock brake system. This condition make this car need more space to stop and some time slide when hard breaking. As long as we know how to handle the car, it will be easy to clear the challenge.
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  • Audi RS 6 (2003) - German Quality (Dirt Race)
    With 647 horse power in 6,5 liter engine, this Audi RS 6 is a fast and reliable car to used in dirt races. the bad point is this car will little bit slower when used in the road due to the dirt tire selection.
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  • BMW X5 (2011) - Zero To Hero (Dirt Race)
    Equipped with stock tire this BMW X5 had a little bit grip problem when cornering, but the rest is amazing.
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  • Local Motors Rally Fighter (2014) - Unworthypleb Event Lab (Dirt Race)
    The car is just perfect! With 685 hp it have the power to clear this event lab challenge with unbeatable drivatar difficulty. I believe this car will be the perfect choice to clear other dirt event in forza horizon 5.
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Series 8 - Winter Festival

  • Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG (2012) - Modern Classics (Road Race)
    Not much to say, it’s a great machine with a problem to launch properly.
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  • BMW I8 (2015) - Road Show (Road Race)
    Beautiful looking car with not much power to kick the unbeatable, but it has the flexibility to dance when cornering.
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