I Won Seasonal By Collecting 2 Cars Each Week!

I Won Seasonal By Collecting 2 Cars Each Week!

Just answers that question about 100%

In other words you don’t have to do everything each week. I didn’t do any Playground Games for example, and only 1 arcade.

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I also received the Seasonal McLaren F1, but have yet to muster the 44 pts for the current Spring seasons second vehicle to unlock.
But yes, thankfully not all the Festival gubbins needs to be completed. I gave the ‘Speed Zones’,last seasons Trial and some of the Chamionships a swerve.

Talking of ‘The Trial’, my team won the current one after losing the first circuit,but comfortably winning the second circuit after 2 dropped out.Didn’t even bother with the 3rd Trial race. Not complaining tho’ !

Exactly the same as it was in FH4. But i guess you are completely new to the franchise.

2 cars each week translates into 80% total seasonal. It has been always that way. Why is this relevant?

And still you need to complete at least those online events that gives you 10 points each to be able to reach the goal to get the second weekly reward.
As in FH4 this also didnt change. Still forcing players to complete online events they hate to be able to get something good in this game, sigh.

Good thing in FH5 is, that you can (if the challenges would work) make more points every week than the FH4 “100%” and keep the points over to the next week in the season to give you some kind of headstart.

It should be about 3-4 points each week if the arcade would work like they should do (but it doesn’t for the most of us).

It’s relevant because in FH4 you had to do almost everything including Playground Games, now you don’t have to do Playground Games, or Arcade. You can choose what you like now… but of course you post the opposite even after reading my post…

Some people thought that Arcade, and Playground games were required.

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Yes Yes but… We want the GOLD PICTURES see ?

Gimme Gold Picture.

I Want it.

Now. All.

Well yeah the gold badge is harder, but anyone complaining about Arcade, and Playground Games, and a certain jump can get Seasonal, that’s all I was posting about.

I do hope they fix Arcade soon, as that should realistically be an incredibly easy 3 pts.
Besides that, I would rather do 10 playground games every week than have to do a single trial. I hate that the trial has become the highest earning thing in the playlist. I did two of them in FH4 before realizing it wasn’t needed to get everything for each series/season and then never again lol.

I’d rather do the Trial. You can’t please everyone.

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You must be almost the only one lmao.

Arcade fixed… it now scales!

What’s the problem with the Trial? The Trials are easy.

I wish they’d keep multiplayer-related challenges away from Forzathon. I get so close to getting the second car each week, but there’s always a multiplayer objective that screws it up. I don’t play online (as in I don’t have Xbox Live) for reference.