I was looking forward to it so much

After playing FH4 for a couple of months it became clear. I have to buy FH5. Not exactly little for 100 €.
Anyway, I was looking forward to FH5.
Then it finally became November 5th and I was able to start FH5.
I was excited. Absolutely brilliant graphics, beautiful scenery and exciting weather.
But after a couple of hours I noticed some inconsistencies. Something is not working the way it should.
A patch was released quickly, but no improvement. Furthermore, online play was completely disturbed.
In the meantime, the joy of playing online had been lost. So I pass my time with offline tasks, always with the hope that errors will be eliminated.
Then yesterday the long-awaited update. Another spark of joy. Then today the disillusionment.
Still too many mistakes. It was still not possible to play online. Joy turned into frustration and finally anger.
If I had even guessed it, I wouldn’t have bought the game. The publishers are not beginners, but I still wonder what’s going on and the game was published in such a desolate state.
I am just disappointing.

I would love to have my money back, but I’ve already invested too much time in the game for that.
Still in the hope that the game will be fixed in the short term and become the game I expected and was promised.


Get a refund, play it for free via games pass, then “if” and this is a big “if”, they do fix the game then purchase the game again for a vastly reduced price.

To be fair id rather get an Update Rollback to previous 3rd december update. this one just made the cherry on top for a lot of us. im really disapointed now

Weren’t we all… However if you played FH4 then you should have half expected this would happen.

I am there with you. Was so looking forward to this game but MP is worse now than it was before the patch. The sessions are pretty much totally devoid of all life except maybe a random player popping up here and there but pretty much completely dead. I am trying a reinstall of the entire game right now and will report back if it fixes any of the issues but I don’t expect it to but thought I would give it a try anyway.

Did stop reading after this. Even if i enjoyed FH4 to a point, i would be completely crazy to even consider buying the next title in the franchise.

But, whatever lol.