I want to see the new vinyl editor

Please PG Games show the new vinyl editor. Plus send it me early so that I can make some designs before the game comes out.


That does not strike me as a reasonable request. Dial down the entitlement.

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Lol Entitlement… Is that your new word? People learn a new word, and are dying to try it out.

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Yeah, I was disappointed that they did not mention the vinyl and livery editor as a topic for an upcoming live stream. They have indicated there will be significant change in this area. While engine sounds and weather are interesting, the vinyl editor requires a significant user time investment, and I would like to know if that time is best spent working with the existing toolset, or if the design paradigm is changing to the extent I should be ramping up on tools like InkScape. Will I be able to import legacy content? Will I be able to edit it in-game?

Honestly, I wish they would provide people like Aqua, that are knowledgeable in graphic arts and skillful with the current in-game tools, a preview of the new editor. They could provide useful input.

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Then people like Aqua should work for PG.

That’s not to say I disagree with you.

They have already confirmed that we’ll be able to import vinyls and designs from previous games. And they also will be giving some prominent members of the community early access to the game so shortly before launch there will very likely be some content creators previewing and showing us the new editor.


Hi! Old, prominent member of the paining community, here - though the brushes are a little rusty at the moment. Can confirm that both Playground Games and Turn10 have previously provided access to content creators (tuners, painters, moderators, press, streamers, etc.) prior to official game launch for:

  1. Live-play press events
  2. So there’s content in the game prior to release to be consumed when the masses get ahold of it
  3. Provide feedback that most likely only gets fixed if it’s an obscene issue.

Just a friendly FYI for the folks out there that don’t know.

Lots of us are eager to see what changes they’ve made. They’ll show it in time. We still have nearly 4 months of info reveals and streams until the game launches.

Well, all I got out of the stream Q&A session was that the vinyl editor UI has been “streamlined”, whatever that means, and that user-generated liveries would much higher resolution on Xbox Series consoles. Nothing about new capabilities so far.

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I would love to see it too, I’m a graphic designer and I did not like the editor in FH4. The tools were extremely limited, HSL values were not very accurate and it felt clunky overall.
I also hope they improve the camera system in the game, is far to easy to emulate a DSLR camera to not have it included.
But I suspect the reason they are not showing it is because they didn’t change anything of value.

For the basic functionality of the vinyl editor, I would prefer to keep it as is.
As I’ve already stated in other threads, the current system is the fairest, and requires no additional cost.

We don’t need a multi-thousand dollar high performance PC to be able to comfortably use memory-hungry graphics software.
And a costly subscription to Adobe. (Yes, I know free Inkscape, but it is vastly inferior in features and convenience, and has tons of errors)
The only thing required of players in the current system is a passion for livery and time to create their work.

However, it would be nice to see some improvements in some of the features.
For example, the use of different textured vinyl was one of the most sought after features. With the addition of this feature, we can more easily use complex patterns like carbon in various aspects, and do more beautiful and complex work like chrome logos on matte black bodies.

A vinyl paste depth setting like in GT Sports would also be a great addition.
With this feature, we would be able to more freely apply vinyl to the areas we want.

And one of the features that I personally think is important is the massive addition of logo vinyl and text vinyl.
Forza’s logo vinyl in particular is significantly inferior to other games in both quality and quantity.
Including a variety of logos like in NFS, and more vinyl available in a single color would help many players.
Also, more fonts are needed for text vinyl.
The serif font in particular is used in many different logos, so adding this font alone would be a great convenience for players.

I always found Forza’s livery editor, even the Horizon series one, to be clunky.
For example, the layer list at the bottom of the screen, or the window of the currently copied vinyl in the upper right corner of the screen.
This consumes a lot of space and often hides the vinyl group that is being created because of its low transparency.
It would be much more comfortable if the player could set the transparency of these windows as desired.

Also, the vinyl movement speed in Horizon’s livery editor is very slow compared to the same feature in Motorsport, and this greatly affected the production efficiency.
Making the vinyl movement equal to or faster than Motorsport’s would make the production efficiency much better.

I would prefer the current basic system, but improvements are welcome to the extent that they do not change it.
I hope they will announce the details of the new livery editor as soon as possible.

Most established painters in the game only really use a handful of the default shapes as it is and many of them are never used. Most of the default fonts are rarely used either and in many cases it is looked down upon in the paint community to ‘settle’ for using a default font unless it’s a 100% match of what is being replicated.

My point being, I would much rather the devs spend time enhancing the tools we already have and working on new ones as opposed to working on adding more shapes or fonts.

There are some shapes that we need. Smoke is hard to do currently. Some fonts can be removed, and replaced by better fonts, some of the current fonts will never be used. Some concave shapes would also help… bridge shapes… arches with flat backs with varying curve depths. The deform/perspective needs to work better as well. That’s if we still use shapes at all… we might not.

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What would be really useful is a method to create new shapes to our own specifications. Assuming they do not want to go the route of importing vector graphic files from third-party applications, I believe they could provide a reasonable amount of flexibility by extending the existing framework. This would involve creating new autonomous shapes by adding or subtracting other shapes. So, for example, if you needed a concave curve, you could simply use a convex curve object to cut a concave bite out of an existing object. You could also add shapes together to create larger, more complex geometries that could be scaled and skewed as a single primitive, and not treated as a composite of primitives. The ability to create complex shapes through addition and subtraction could allow layer counts to be collapsed significantly, and greatly reduce the need for mask layers, since you could just cut the void space you wanted out of the shape you were constructing.

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This is where the simple ability to flatten layers would come in handy. I suggested that long ago. We can create our own shapes using masking, combining multiple shapes, but that present problems.
Masking, the way masking is implemented in the game currently cuts out everything below it, even if used in a layer group, it will still effect layers under it that are not part of its layer group. Simple solution, merge layers.
Multiple shapes to create new shapes, obviously, this generates a lot of layers. The ability to merge layers would free up those extra layers and enable better designs and not pit so much stress on their systems.
I can’t count how many times I’ve ran out of layers on a design doing something as simple as chain links covering a car. Especially if you want to give them a realistic 3D appearance.

There are a number of improvements I’d like to see. Probably some I’d be happy to see but didn’t know I wanted, too. But mostly I hope that the car models in general work more consistently and intuitively with vinyl placement. Bonus points if colours look world-correct while painting.

The models aren’t made by PG so you will still have some with errors.

If that’s the case, they need to have a talk with their vendors about doing a better job. However, I am finding a lot of the mapping errata on specific cars does not seem to be evident in FM7. I suspect PGG has a tool that generates LODs that isn’t very good.

It would be really nice if the cars that are supposed to be even on both sides (left versus right) actually are. For 9 out of 10 cars, you have to move the shapes forward and down when you mirror them from one side to the other. Shapes around the gas caps and inlets often skew the layers - - not to mention the occasional void spots that your shapes do not cover.

Oh, I almost forgot… when it comes to triangular shapes, I pretty much have to create these from scratch each time, because the provided shapes (especially stars) are not perfectly even. For example, when I create country flags or company logos, I try to be as exact with true measurements as I can. The provided shapes appear warped when you stretch them, and stretching is how I calculate the proper measurements.

I have learned to tolerate the simple offset mismatches. I usually place a vinyl under an element that is common side-to-side, such as a key hole, door handle, emblem or marker light. That vinyl serves as a registration point to let me know how much the entire group needs to be shifted to align it with the opposite side. Ideally they should line up exactly, but this is a minor problem.

Now distortions, inconsistent scaling, shears and void areas really are a problem. Worse yet, they are often not the same for varying levels of detail. This may mean the livery will look great in the garage or in photo mode, but things will be distorted or misaligned in free roam.