I want a genuine street racing game

I don’t own Forza Horizon because I don’t know what it’s supposed to be.

If it’s supposed to be a street racing game (since Forza is more simulation), then I expect a street racing game to have features such as nitrous, neon lights, wide-body kits, hydraulics, or just anything you see in Fast and the Furious movies. I know about the NFS games, but they lost their touch after Underground 2 (the car selection sucks, who would need to put body kits on Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s?) …they should of just built from Underground 2 with a better story.

Anyway, if Forza Horizon is not supposed to be a street racing game, then I hope Turn 10 or Playground Games eventually make an attempt on making one. What do you think? Should Forza Horizon go more for street racing, or should T10/Playground make another project?

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I’ve always seen Horizon as a straight up Arcade Racer. It mimics the realism present in simulation games, but keeps the physics sort of grippy and light to accommodate the ridiculous antics that the game presents for you to attempt.

In that vain, Horizon could potentially have a cool street racing segment. As the developer’s name implies, Horizon is a “playground game”, meaning it’s not meant to be a strong narrative or skill-building experience, you’re just supposed to have fun with it and do what you want.

In other words, I think that Horizon is a spiritual succedor to the Test Drive Unlimited games. Sure, you can’t own any properties in the former, but TDU is the game I can relate Horizon to the most, not NFS. NFS is far from what Horizon is. I never want to see widebodies, nitrous, or underglow in any Forza game, because it simply isn’t what Horizon and Forza in general is.

FYI, Forza Horizon 2 has an expansion which introduces nitrous; just Google “Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious”.

This caught my interest, and I really want to see more because I think Playground Games has the talent to make a quality street racing game that would be wayyyy better than NFS.

I am confused. You want neon lights, nitrous, and hydraulics. But you’re saying putting body kits on Ferrari’s and lamborghinis is ridiculous? You said they lost their touch with the newest NFS but car selection wise NFS has never had a huge selection. You can’t have 400 cars and ask for neon lights and body kits for every one. Too much time and money for little return.

You are right, that sounds like too much time and money, but I never asked for 400 cars…

You sound very passionate about wanting someone’s work to contain your idea’s…sounds like you’d fare well to play on pc where you can create and install mods to your game and then negotiate with a visual example of what it is you feel the game should be or include to win you over?