I think I found a bug: Control Settings

Controller Settings:
Layout: Default Layout 11 (right stick to switch gears)
Switch Gear Up/Down: On
Switch E-Brake/Clutch: Off
*Switch Look Back/Camera: On or Off

All I want to do is toggle views while I drive, with these settings the *Switch Look Back/Camera option does not function (A) and the only way to toggle views such as cockpit to hood is to pause the game, go into settings:hud:change view. Extremely inconvenient as switch views a fairly frequently throughout the duration of a race or while free roaming. (I choose these settings as I find them the most fun not because I find them the fastest)

Perhaps this setting uses the buttons in a way that they cannot have a button for both camera or look back so you must pick one or the other. Either you want to look back or you want to switch camera - if you are a racer who switches camera a lot I suggest giving up the look back feature as it may not be something you really need. Either that or pick a different controller setting.

Ok, I dont want this to be misinterpreted as user error. With control setting 11 there is absolutely no ability to toggle views regardless of how you set your preferences. In theory when I check Switch Look Back/Camera to on it should replace the look back button {(A)} with view toggle (camera) but it does not.

I wasn’t on earlier and wasn’t aware. I am playing the game now and took a look at the settings. You are indeed correct that with CS 11 there is no button option to look back nor is there a button option to change view. I guess they expect you to set your view and drive that way all the time.

I play Manual with Clutch an the clutch button is mapped to LB on CS 11. I know my controller settings change if I change from Manual with cLutch to Manual or Automatic. I’m thinking if you switch to manual or automatic, does CS 11 map either look back or change camera to LB instead of the clutch?

100% Customizable mapping would be optimal but thi is Xbox we;re talking about, not PC. You know they’re a little bit behind…

To be very frank, I don’t see why they can’t just let the player customize ALL controls as they please.

Annoys me to bits!