i have a question about eventlab and if you could help me i would be really happy and thankful.
how can i add a rule to make a pitstop mechanism so that i could repair cars?
Thanks again for your helps and tips!

Anyone? Please…

I hope you are able to get someone to help with this. I am completely new to the rules of play but maybe this will help. A player named AndyPsback created a map called Baku Circuit. The SC is 283 680 586. This race seems to have many rules but one of them is a pitstop. You can import his rules, delete the ones you don’t want and modify as needed. Sorry I can’t help more but it’s a start. Good luck and please share your race here so we can check it out. :slight_smile:

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How can i do that?

Found it!

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Here’s another track that I’m working on. Almost finished it but it needs some work.

Just so you know, custom rules tend to not work in convoys for some reason and in some cases actually glitch everyone out and break the track. So, if you are doing events with custom rules, bear in mind they will probably only work in solo. And of course, they don’t affect drivatars…

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Do you have any experience about this?

It sounds like he has plenty of experience and I have read posts that echo the same issues.

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So… what’s the solution @CommonToast3337 & @Phill_Honey1 ?!