I don't follow anyone but keep seeing Don Joewon Song pop up when I hit a board

Why is this happening. We aren’t friends or following him.
But his times and records show up after everything I do.

I normally hate the whole YouTuber/social media culture, but DJS is actually pretty good, and focused more on actual content than “personality” or whatever. He’s also pretty tight with the developers. I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re secretly pushing to advertise him.

I’d recommend checking him out of you haven’t, but if you don’t care for that just shrug your shoulders and move on. He deserves a little free advertising, and the system needs to compare you to someone.

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Just watch his videos it just compares you to god level

IIRC he was put into the PG team in FH3. I don’t recall of FH4, but I imagine something similar for it as well. They’re just promoting him, no biggie. :wink:

I haven’t seen his name pop up, I’m not following anyone and no friends have started fh5. Maybe double check he isn’t an added friend on your account level settings.

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DJS is Forza Horizon :slight_smile:

I get a friend’s gamertag pop up for comparison on these things (e.g. Me 65 boards, him 54).

I’m guessing that there’s nobody on your friend’s list with stats to compare to so it uses the #1?

That would make sense given he’s number 1 on the HOF list…probably whoever coded that part of the game didn’t acocunt for people who prefer to play alone

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