Leaderboard friends

Now that leaderboards are plagued with cheaters and hackers, it’s not worth spending energy on seeing how high you are on the leaderboard. So therefore I could use some forza friends for that.

I do not spend time on the multiplayer parts of games, as I avoid it whenever possible. In FH5 i play in online mod, just to get away from the psyco AI in offline mode. Leaderboards are online enough for me. It is a fun and motivating way to play the game, at least for me. Just to see if i can be in top of the friends list :smiley:

If you would like to add me on your friends list, are you more than welcome to do so:-)

Gamertag: GoofyPanda76

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Goofy - have you tried the rivals challenge in general discussion? You will find a good number of fast drivers there. The latest challenge, will probably be announced later tonight.

Jezza organises them - I think you only need to follow someone rather than have them as a friend for them to appear on your LB friends list - if they follow you back, you will appear on theirs (or add you as a friend). No idea what the limit is for ‘friends’ these days - used to be 100 in the xbox 360 days but following wasn’t a thing then.

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Added you :slight_smile:

I’m Your Man bro, added you. see you at the leaderboards!