I clearly need help understanding how to race in FH4 please

OK, let me start by saying that I have a ton of problems trying to race at all in this game and not come in dead last or 11th at best with any consistency for anything but event races. Racing the Flying Scotsman, won by a small margin. Same for the Halo event and the Hovercraft. I’ve got all assists on except for the full racing line, instead I have the one to indicate breaking. The AI is set to Inexperience and still they wave around the track like its no effort while I have to slam on brakes and spend half my time spinning out as soon as I feel that I’m hitting my stride. I’ve played games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Split Second and BurnOut Paradise with absolutely no problem but for whatever reason I’m simply not understanding something fundamental about how FH4 wants me to drive.

So some general advice please from everyone who says that this game is easy for them would be much appreciated.

First of all, this may sound a bit daunting, but turn some assists off. Things like traction control and auto braking slow you down MUCH more than what is needed and assisted steering pulls you off the racing line a lot. If you’re having trouble driving faster cars like S1 or S2, just slow it down and start in A or B class to learn the proper controls and handling of the game. You also need to remember that FH4 is much more of a simulation game compared to NFS and Burnout (not saying it’s a full sim, but compared to those games it’s much more realistic). Also if you’re spinning out a lot try using some AWD cars with a little less power or download a 5 or 4 star tune, these generally will make the car easier to drive.

I would look at the following…

  1. Make sure you don’t have to many assists on, I turned all of them on once and it was hard to drive/race like that. Especially, with assisted braking turned on and assisted steering.
  2. Don’t use a car too big or too small for a course, if it is a small course don’t use a X rated car, or if it is a drag race, don’t use a level 100 vehicle.
  3. Till you get better, make sure that rewind is turned on and use it to rewind 1 time and press it again to keep going back until you get to a point you are comfortable continuing racing.
  4. Pick a vehicle (or tune/upgrade) with a class number that is close to the next 100 level… so for example class S1 is 801-900, tune your car to 890-900, but don’t go over 900… 901 starts into S2 class, which then your car will be lesser then all the competition.
  5. Finally if you try all the items above, then check your controller to make sure its not going bad, it can show up in all kinds of weird ways.

Add me and I’ll help ya, one on one, my gamertag is above.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think the issue is that I’ve been upgrading the cars to S1 and S2 thinking that it would give me an advantage but I suspect from what you’re saying that the AI cars are also being given upgrades as well so any advantage in sheer performance is lost. Faster cars are certainly harder to drive so I think that dropping back down to lower tiers may be the best way to learn to drive in this game.

Turning off the driving assists may be worth a look, I’ve been told that I should leave ABS on to prevent spin outs but I’ll try slowly turning them off one by one and see how I get on with the lower tier cars. I doubt it is an issue with my wheel because I haven’t had any issue with other games recently. I suspect that this simply boils down to understanding racing lines and how to maintain control over the car so I’m hoping that what you’ve all suggested is a start I can work from.

Thank you for the offer to get some one2one coaching. I won’t be on this evening because I’m burned out from work and my concentration simply won’t be there but I’ll look you up on either Friday or Saturday and arrange for a time convenient for you to meet up.

I definitely found this. If I race a street race in my X999 McLaren Senna, the drivatars are around 965 but somehow leave me for dead at the start. On the same difficulty it’s much easier to win with the 799 Clio FE.

I started this thread to ask about cars that make it easier to beat the drivatars, there are some cars mentioned that you could try:

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Another thing that helped me early on in playing Forza was learning to only accelerate as much as needed. The trigger is pressure sensitive, so pushing it in will just make you floor the accelerator, which you generally don’t want to do.

Don’t slam on your brakes, look ahead for turns and brake gently, just enough, but ahead of the turn.

Well you maybe expected something way simpler with the Forza series seeing that you came from games like Burnout. Well this here is more like a “SimArcade” game rather than full Arcade or full Simulation. The tools would be there to actually play it as a simulation but most of the gameplay fits more to a typical Arcade Racer.

Bring a lot of time, because a lot of the cars need some practice to handle. Also learn to drive without any assistances because that’s probably essential especially when you want to play the game online where most of the people drive without them.

All of what everyone has said is great advice and will definitely get you going in the right direction. Only assist i would recommend having on would be braking line, ABS too if you lock up under braking often. Always go easy on the throttle and braking, never just hammer down 100% on them right off the start. A good tune goes a long way too, if you can’t tune yourself there are plenty of tunes shared on the game just search them up. But really the most important thing is just practice, race , race, race and race some more. Try some rivals, empty track that you can just focus on lapping and not have to worry about other cars on track. Add me up if you want any help, im by no means pro but i have a decent amount of time in the forza franchise. GT- El3ment239

Just wanted to drop by and thank you all again for the support. I found that changing from assisted to simulation steering has made quite the difference since I’m no longer struggling to keep up with the pack and I’ve managed to finish 1st in a normal race for the first time since the game launched. It’s odd that the assisted driving is intended to make things easier but for whatever reason was making it harder for me to control the car with it enabled compared to the ‘harder’ simulation setting.

Glad to see you’re finding success. I would also suggest trying slower cars and see how you fare. I’ve noticed that the difficulty curve seems to be larger in the higher classes, especially with regards to the AI.