I cant take photo at night and complete forzathon!

anyone have the same problem?

Nope. I did a custom blueprint, set it to night, went into photo mode at the start of the race and hit the RB button to get the challenge with no problem.

i just went to a street race and took a photo, done

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it doesn’t work for me, all the time i have X

it never works for me and i need 1 more point.

This happened to me last week, I only needed 1 more mph when it was the correct car BMW A800 class setting miles over the speed required; … feel cheated out of a Delorean as myself the original owner because of that. I was waiting for night in freemode this week, but if it doesn’t work; it doesn’t work, yet.

Try using RB button to take the photo instead of “A”.

Also, hard reboot the xbox… go to autoshow and take photo in forzaview/autovista whatever it is called… or do as other people have suggested above, or look for a super 7 or race at night.

Apparently I don’t know what nighttime is since every time I try it, it fails on the nighttime check.

Go to the beach and look up in drone mode until you see the moon.Once I did that and then took the photo of the Carrera it worked,now the other challenge involving this car may still not work.I can’t get that one to pop for the weekly challenge for whatever reason.

for the other car, don’t switch cars using “pause menu” but switch cars in the festival “garage” some people on reddit mentioned this fixed it for them to get it to unlock.

Do the seasonal night time event and do it in that.

Thanks, it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup, night and moon on the sky didn’t work for me, but night street race from championship did.

The game is finicky about late evening, night, and early morning. The moon and stars are out for all three. If it’s late evening, wait another minute or two and taking a photograph should work.