Another bugged photo task

I just drove around, changing angles until it registered; but, man,m you’d think they’d bother playtesting this stuff after a while with nearly all of them not triggering on the first try.

I did not have any problem


yeah same here, just pulled up in front and snapped the picture from straight on and it registered, sorry your having and issue!

I would try a closer up picture. I have had some photo challenges there they seem bugged, but when I moved in a little closer, they triggered. Hopefully that helps!

Yeah tried to recreate the angle and so on… its way easier to simply take a photo right next to the wall

Worked first time for me as well.

Seems you have to take a closer pic :confused:

I was further away than the OP and had no problem.

Yep, no issues here . . first try . . did sort of a high looking down shot. sorry had a problem.