I cant sync my data from the cloud.

Hi. After clearing all my local saved data from my xbox one, i had to synchronize all of my game saves from the cloud. This has worked fine for most games but Horizon 2 refuses to sync. Having talked to a Microsoft agent for over an hour, they claimed that the problem was with the developers of the game. All of my other games synchronize so im beginning to think ive lost my Horizon 2 save for good. if so, i think ill probably avoid getting fm6 when it is released. Can somebody help me please?

Just a quick question, you don’t have to answer it. But why exactly did you clear your local save data?

I was just experimenting to see if I could get the game to stop crashing

I’m having the same problem! Can someone please help me as I’m loosing my patients with the Xbox

Problem has fixed itself. I just tried to resync and it worked fine.

Good to hear you’ve got it working :slight_smile:

What can I do to get mine working?

They make a pill for that.

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