I can't get the Maserati 8CTF in offline play Series 2, am I missing something?

Yesterday I did all the challenges I could do to get the 45 points for the Maserati 8CTF.

I got to 36 points, 9points shy.

A quick calculation shows that as the daily challenges unlock, that will still leave me 4 points shy.

Every other challenge left to do is online.

Surely this challenge can’t be limited to those who do online play?

Am I missing something?

I am not sure. Plenty of people have it. I took the easy route and bought one at auction. There are a ton there. They are not cheap though.

It is limited to people who play online, which is why it sucks and a perfect demonstration of how Playground Games continues to suck.


In normal circunstances you can always claim the first reward without touching online, but these are not normal circunstances… as everybody knows.

EDIT: Oh wait, 45 points is for the second one… lol. Then, forget about claiming it without touching online. Thats not possible. Its exactly the same as in FH4, and they did a copy/paste
of all terrible mechanics, so…


It’s the second reward though. The first one can be obtained without going online. I think even in FH4 you needed to do some online events to get to 80%, so no significant change from that point of view.

I’m on 84% in FH4 atm, and only online I’ve done was monthly seasonal qualification, no trial or PGG needed.

FH5 virtually forces you into online pla, if you want second seasonal prize, even more so for series second prize (in FH5 universe 4x45=200)
There are also weekly challenges that don’t trigger, same thing with dailies and many dailies are linked to online play …

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Their way of enticing players to buy gold/game pass. $$$… Just sayin is all

Edit: sometimes there’s some fun/entertaining things so it’s not all negative imo.

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wow it’s like the actively ignored the backlash and complaints from FH4, doubled down on things we don’t like in FH5, and took the money and ran

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Also if you check the lamborghini aventador SVJ from the monthly championship can’t be done offline since you need an average 50 points per week.

Online mods aren’t fun between coop against hardest drivatar and challenge in eliminator…

Isn’t the Treasure Chest thing worth 5 points? Or is it only 3? If it was 5, then you’d normally be able to reach the first priza offline…however, you can’t currently due to it being broken

There’s still the Eliminator daily. Even with 5 points instead of 3 he wouldn’t reach 45. Anyway it’s not possible to obtain the second car without gold. Even without the treasure hunt and all the daily challenges achievable in solo.

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The OP said they would be 4 short with the Dailies…remove 1 for Eliminator, that would leave them 5 short…if the Treasure Chest is 5, then it should be doable…assuming no more dailies are online and it is 5. As much as PGG want everyone online for this game, even they aren’t stupid enough to lock out those players that don’t want to play online all the time? Surely they aren’t?

Lets see: possible 68 … 10p trial, 3p PGG, 3p Tour, 2p Eliminator, 2p Horizon open
So that would mean it would be possible, we still have a safety of 3p , for mostly non working Eliminator daily -1p
Then everything is flushed down the drain, with non working treasure - 3p.

But Aventador SVJ is still way out of reach with their 4x45=200 math

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Did you forgot the Arcade? Just asking. :smiley:
Every season we have 23 points locked behind Gold. Now you also understand why the Eliminator in a daily.

There is atleast 1update coming to add new series stuff. Means there is room to lower the amount (200) or fix something or give car for free. Series 1 McLaren shows unlocked at 180

Yes mate. You’re missing Xbox Live Gold.

Thank you, I’m sorry totally missed that one, had it for granted being on PC.
So its already dead on arrival, with as you already mentioned online dailies (at least one or more per week).

It’s the same for the Spring. Horizon Tour in one daily. I was wondering in the beginning why Gold activities in dailies and than I realised why.

Locking things behind Xbox gold goes great with that “innovation of accessibility” award FH5 just got what a joke