Huracan Super Trofeo

I am mainly on the Modern GT hopper nowadays rocking the Huracan ST, had a couple of people message me asking how I got the car so I explained the whole Super Trofeo event Turn 10 had a while back… is there any news on this car being available for winning or purchase in the future? I told them to keep an eye out on the forums for competitions anyways.


As Lou Slugnuts stated, currently, there is no way to “earn” the car. Turn 10 might eventually do photo contests or rivals challenges for people who want the car, who don’t necessarily have it yet. But I haven’t heard any announcements on it yet. They did have a contest for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage a while back (not sure when it was, memory is a little foggy), so it is possible it’ll be offered sometime in the future. But, possible does not mean it’s an absolute.

I have like 4 or 5 of them lol

Yeah, that’s what I figured, I told to keep an eye on the forums anyways

Thanks guys.

I have the feeling that Turn 10 will host another Super Trofeo event. Whenever they have a “one time only” event it usually doesn’t end up that way.

Unfortunately I was on a hiatus from the game when it happened the first time so I never got one. I hear it can be pretty good too with the right tune.

The car is maxed out at 887 PI, but with the right tune and good driving it can be competitive. I’ve noticed it needs to be stable going in and braking for turns, if you are out of balance just a tiny bit you will most likely have to fight the back end through most of the turn.

Sounds like it behaves a lot like the Ferrari. Good thing I know how to tune for oversteer.

Would be cool, if Turn 10 gave one of the unicorn cars to people who pre ordered FH3 instead of giving out DLC’s that most likely everyone already owns.