How well will FM8 run on One-X?

It’s exciting to know that FM8 will be a launch title for Scarlett - however,
[Mod Edit - neither the next game’s title nor release date have been announced as of Oct 2019 - MM]

like many other folks, I jumped on the One-X bandwagon just earlier this year and don’t intend to buy any gaming hardware for at least a few years.

I wonder how well FM8 will be optimized for the One-X. Hope it won’t be too watered down and that we One-X owners wouldn’t be forced to get a Scarlett just to enjoy it properly.

thoughts and comments? let’s discuss

Honestly, IMO, I don’t believe that all developers are even utilizing the One-X’s hardware 110% and that there’s still massive potential for games to be improved on it and take advantage of the hardware.

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Who said it was going to be called forza 8? Who said it was going to be a launch title? Who said it would also be released on the current hardware?

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Ok, ok. So it may not be released with the new console as a bundle, but the next version was said to be designed to take advantage of the Scarlett (XBox Two) when it comes out. That is why FM8 (Or whatever they call it) will not be out until the end of 2020 at the earliest.

They never gave specifics in any capacity about the next title. They didn’t give a name, they didn’t give a release window of any kind, they only said at the time that it was in the concept phase. While I hope it is playable on the X, the only title that I’m aware of that’s releasing on both for sure is Halo Infinite. Until its specifically stated otherwise I would suggest people try not to make any assumptions because it will probably only disappoint.

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Well, so much for creating the post - my objective here was to merely start a discussion about “check post title”.

Yea but it would be a discussion based on nothing that would inevitably lead to nothing. The only thing anyone can be sure of is that if the game was released on both the scarlett version would look better.

I read some time ago that MS stated all games going forward would be playable across the Xbox One family of consoles. Since I believe the “Scarlett” will still be considered part of the One family, the next game should be playable on all of the consoles. As far as looking better, I’m not convinced. Reading up on the 8K TV’s, I’ve read that the human eye cannot see the difference between 4K and 8K anyway, so that technology may be a waste.

Until Turn 10 give some more information about the next title in the series, everybody here is just guessing and assuming. So unfortunately you won’t get the answer you want.

I doubt Microsoft will have “Xbox One” in the names for the next gen consoles, the “Xbox One family” most likely only refers to the three current Xbox One models. It’s quite possible Xbox One games would be playable on the next gen consoles though.

The 8K claim just sounds more like marketing speak than anything (maybe just for older games). I’d be hoping the new standard will be 1440p 60 FPS, would be a decent compromise between resolution and performance and leaves some good room for graphical improvements.

I believe they were saying scarlett would be backwards compatible as in playing any game that’s playable on the xbox one now. As far as looking better, of course it will. More power will equate to better performance all around. If the next gen consoles are capable of 8k resolutions that will just be one of many graphical options developers would be able to target but it doesnt mean that every game would be 8k.

Realistically I see every game targeting 4k@60fps, but I’m sure some may be 1080p+@120fps or some might be 8k@30fps. There’s also the possibility of scarlett having vr support for the next gen of vr headsets. I think both Sony and Microsoft saying anything about 8k is pretty far fetched other than for marketing purposes because I don’t see these machines hitting more than 8k@30fps which imo would be inferior to 4k@60fps+.

Well, alrighty then - guess we’ll just wait to see what T10 announces.