How to upload photos using Flickr

1 - Left click Gallery

2 - Left click the photo you want to upload

3 - So that it loads the full image

4 - Right click the photo and select Save image and save the photo somewhere your going to be able to find it again

5 - Load up Flickr

6 - Left click the upload button

7 - There are a few options to upload your photo

8 - Just click the big one and select the file from the location you saved it earlier

9 - Ensure the ones you want to upload are highlighted pink then hit the upload button circled

10 - You will then be prompted again, just left click upload

11 - Your photo will now be showing in your photostream, left click the image

12 - To share the image to FMnet you need to left click the share icon circled

13 - Left click BBcode to make sure it is selected, ensure the size is no bigger than 800x470 and then highlight and copy all the text in the third box

14 - Go to the message you want to post the photo in and paste the line of text

15 - All you really need it this part of the code though so you can delete the rest

16 - And finally hit post

Taa Daa !


Best tutorial with the screen shots !!!

Brilliant tutorial for the new players or players who’ve forgot how to use Flickr (like me)!

Does it compress the images much?

I would assume that it would and that Big Shots would be best to upload there?

Is there any way to do this with photobucket? I can’t seem to find the resize option on there without editing the image first.


Thanks for the explanation sir!

I also have a question regarding ‘‘moderator mode’’. Every time i’m repley to something i get this message: ‘‘Since your account has been placed under moderation, a forum moderator must approve your post before it will become visible.’’

Does aynone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

testing 1,2

Thanks for the tutorial. But it would be nice if there was a direct link in the forums for posting photos directly from your forza gallery.

Pain with that is you have to have a computer. Because it doesn’t work on my phone. I use the Bucket as they have a direct link to bbcode in share section. Unless i am missing something. I have tried both on their website and app, so far no dice. Unfortunately all i have is my phone and no pc.

Should work on a phone the same way, all the above was done on my tablet.

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I plan on getting Filckr at some point, but is Imgur acceptable, too? I saw some people use Imgur to post Forza images for this site here.

Testing, no PC either so using photobucket app as Flickr app doesn’t give me the BB code & neither gives me a resize option…

Edit: seems to work ok though :+1:

I think the forums resize now on their own? I always use original size and no problems.

Thanks mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Fantastic I’ve been trying to get my photos off for a while, so glad I read this.

I cant seem to get any images from 6 to show up in my gallery even ones I shared months ago, any help?

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I am having the same issue.

I wasn’t waiting log enough for it to post to my gallery.

^^ having the same issue, if you find out where they’ve been moved to i’d appreciate it!

This helped so much, thank you, i’ve been meaning to share some of my favorite fh2 drift screenshot

Ok, I fully admit that I am not good with all this posting sharing stuff. I’m not an idiot, lol, for the most part. At the moment my only posting options are my Samsung S5 Active or an S4 tablet.

When I follow the steps, I don’t know where/what the BBcode is and when I try to paste what I think is the pic it ends up just being a url and even that doesn’t go to a pic.

My computer is a Windows 7 stuck in a half windows 10 update limbo because it won’t properly run 10. Yeah, have you ever seen Zoolander, the part where they’re trying to get the info off the computer but end up looking like two monkeys pounding and banging on it? That’s me, lol.

Anyway, anybody with some simple tips? Better app maybe than Flickr?