How to tune for rain; what's your tip?

The subject says it all.

I typically lower the tire pressure and increase camber a hair, but what really seems to make a difference is setting Front Toe Out and Rear Toe In to extremes that make it almost completely undriveable on a dry track. This makes the car noticeably slower and twitchier at top speed but in trade much quicker off the line and through the turns.

I’m curious: how do you tune for the rain?

(I’d also love feedback to know if the toe out/in trick works for you.)

I’m stuck in the rain series in career and I’m not liking it at all. I have applied a little more down force and tweaked the differential but that’s about it. I haven’t tried to come up with any tunes but I would like see the response on this thread

Low caster, higher camber, softer ARBs, higher tyre pressures, higher downforce, lower acel lock, higher decel lock with abit of toe on the real to help with stability through puddles if needed

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I’ll give it a try. I have always adapted my driving style but I seem to light up the tires as the drivatars are cruising by me without a hitch.

The same as dry and just avoid the puddles as much as possible

he nailed it!


It’s less about tuning, more about driving.

For the A675 rain series in career, I just used a stock build Alfa 33 (A646?) with Unbeatable(?!?) AI; still beating the AI by a good margin by the end of the race. The AI makes a lot of mistakes and slow through the corners.

This. It is exactly the same. Race tires add the most benefit as they automatically become rain tires on those tracks.

Due to the different level of grip, if you run a dry setup in the wet, you may have to adapt your driving. Cars will lose grip a lot easier, and you’ll light up the TCS or spin more if you have it off.

I normally tweak a couple of things to make it more comfortable and easier to set a good lap time, rather than relying on all of my talent to eke out the extra few hundredths.

Diff might come down slightly, I actually run slightly less camber on the driving wheels than I would normally, maybe slightly softer suspension and roll bars. Only minor things if I do see I’m losing out in a certain area.

Gearing is critical though. If you gear your car to be right on the power coming out of slow corners, you might find you’ll be losing traction coming out of these corners so you may wish to run longer 1st/2nd/3rd gear and balance out the higher ones, unless you have no grip issues in which case you may afford to push harder or tune more aggressive.

hmm, i tune my cars same as i would for dry, just a little bit more handling with tires (sometimes). diff accel is always 100% and deaccel 12%. but i have to say i like cars with less handling and more power though. too much handling slows me down.

i find increasing the ride height helps

also on some cars putting STM on really does help. you wont get your fastest lap but its easy to consistently bang decent laps out.

Increased Ride Height, decreased Brake Pressure and increased Downforce have been the trails ironman way to adapt a dry setup for rain and should work here. Depending on the car you might want to lower your Differential’s Acceleration value as well.

Personally I just stick with my dry setup and take care when navigating puddles while braking earlier for corners.

I never use STM for anything. If you use STM to mask any issue then you’ll never defeat the issue.