How To Replay Horizon Adventure Events For The Accolades?

I missing some accolades that are tied to certain events in the Adventure series.

So, how can i replay them … ie: the monster truck race, im missing “flying big tready monster”


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I’ve tried a few things and nothing has worked. They didn’t do a good job explaining you had to do them all during the event before doing the final thing or you’d be out and unable to go back.

i just completed all sections for this adventure series and i still have no way to go back and play them to get accolades completed

You can restart the event at the point on the map where it began originally, then you’ll be able to replay all the accolades. I had the same problem and found that’s the only way to do it.

aright thanks,
this got me looking at the map …

and it only took 10 minutes looking at the map to find the icon for the monster truck event

there should be a way to get to the event from the adventure screen … like put a fast travel option in the ticket next to the check mark

Thank you VERY much for this information.

It is not very intuitive!!!