How to ReImport vinyls groups from Forza Horizon 3 into Forza Horizon 4?

So, when I first started playing in Forza Horizon 4 I did import some vinyls groups from Forza Horizon 3. Then after some times I did make a new vinyl group in FH3 and want to import it into FH4, but when I tried to import from FH3 into FH4 in “My vinyl groups” in FH4 game doesn’t see new vinyls which I made in FH3. Only old ones which I synchronized first time. How to resynchronize?

Go back edit and re-save them. FH4 should see them then.

Tried, but it’s doesn’t work. Forza Horizon 4 still don’t see new saved vinyls from FH3.

So main problem as I see it’s FH4 don’t want to update or sync with the latest data from FH3. Any thoughts?

maybe its not actually trying to sync and just runs off your last save file?
I know when I log from one xbox to another it actually sees that the saved file doesn’t match and initiates a sync.
then maybe you can import your design Im not actually sure how that works just spit ballin.

Try sticking them all on one car then importing them as a design.

Hi Guys,

I had the very same issue with this - to force the sync you would need to reset the FH4 app in the App Settings… Check our Eddi0072’s post

Tried and tested it myself and solved my issues.

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