Forza Horizon 4 importing broken

Recently ive realised the transferring stuff from older forza games like Motorsport 7 is broken, just giving people a heads up if you cant seem to import old stuff from the older games. Hopefully this gets fixed soon as theres some stuff Id love to have on Horizon 4 from my Motorsport 7 designs :slight_smile:

By broken you mean…?

He means ‘not working anymore’ :person_shrugging:t5:

It’s recognised as a “known issue” by Forza Support and came about after the update to optimise the game for the new Series X/S consoles back in early Nov. last year:
Series 29 Update bugged

Since that update, players on Xbox One X/S consoles and PC are no longer able to import designs, vinyl groups or tunes from older titles. As far as I’m aware the function still works on the Series X & S but FM7 now crashes when people try to create anything in the vinyl editor.

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I’m sure there are more but you get the idea. As always, I’d still recommend the OP submits a ticket in the dwindling hope that the more they receive might just convince the Devs to give it a higher priority…

Work Around Found! Requires GamePass

At the moment I have found on Game Pass, if you open a stream into Forza Horizon 4 on another device rather than on my Xbox One, then when I go to import my Vinyl Groups from previous titles they all appear. So I went through on Streaming and imported all the Vinyls I thought I might want and saved them in FH4. Closed the streaming and opened up on Xbox One and they’re all there saved in FH4 to use.