Cannot import files from previous titles

Since about November 2020, I have been having trouble trying to import vinyl groups and liveries from previous Forza games. When I press the left bumper to try to view the files from the previous titles, it just shows up the files from Forza Horizon 4, preventing me from importing files from the previous games. Is anyone still having the same trouble as I am?


Yup, I’m afraid everyone still has that problem. Fingers crossed for the next update, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. You can do it with an Xbox Series X I believe, but not on PC or Xbox One.

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Yes, it seems that when the game was “optimized for Series X”, testing for regressions on legacy platforms was not a priority.

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Unfortunately, I’m inclined to agree :frowning:
Even though it’s listed by Support as a “known issue” I’d still recommend the OP submits a ticket. The more they receive might just convince the Devs to give it a higher priority… after 3 months though, I’m not holding my breath.

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I have that exact same problem too. Matter of fact, I even have a video on my YouTube channel that shows what’s happening in the “My Designs” tab. I was able to get FH4 for my 30th Birthday in early October 2020, less than a month before this bug appeared. I was able to import some of my FH3 designs, and now I can’t import the rest of them now because of this bug!! Seriously, if I knew that this was gonna happen, I would’ve imported all my FH3 designs on the day I started playing!! All I can say is that this is a bug that resulted from the Series 29 Update. Matter of fact, I have been wondering if there’s a way to roll roll the game back to the Series 28 Update or earlier, as this might re-enable me to import the rest of my FH3 designs.
NOTE: At the time of the video, my Xbox gamertag was “AgentRed1927”, but in early January 2021, I changed it to “Ytbr77Pacer”.

6 months. 2 Tickets and i get the same reply from you guys SOLVED. do you guys know what Solved even means. Solved is when the problem is fixed. so my problem has now been running 6 very long months. every week i say to myself maybe next week. and here we are again. maybe next week. I would like to transfer new work from FH3 to FH4. how hard is it to fix. just stop adding rubbish to the game until you fix the game. and how about testing the game properly to make sure you haven’t stuffed anything up before releasing new content. as i said 6 months so annoyed that i am losing followers and unable to get my work to where it needs to be. as if it wasn’t hard enough to get downloads in the game compared to FH3. SOLVED the problem is NOT. can this please be fixed. and how about a time frame. people should not have to check daily to see if you guys have actually done something! You guys seem to be more interested in adding Horizon Super 7. Bringing hot wheels and now going to Steam rather than looking after the guys that have stuck with you. Time to start looking after your players rather than chasing the mighty dollar getting new players who won’t hang around once they find out what does not work within the game.


They mean solved. As in on their end… there is no issue to fix because it’s working as it’s supposed to. In other words they removed the feature with no designs of restoring it. That’s why they say “solved” I used to work tech support for a major tv provider (they use dishes on the roof) and it was standard for them to do the same thing. 10.00 bucks says it’s never gonna work again.

Even though I understand where you’re coming from with your work experience, I’m still left wondering why they would deliberately remove a feature from the Xbox One X/S & PC but leave it working on the Series X/S consoles.
Maybe I’m clutching at straws but it implies to me that it wasn’t intentional.

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I’ll say the same I have before: it’s a move to force people to buy the new Xbox Series systems, something that there’s no way I’m doing. I bought a decent little laptop that runs FH3 and RDR2 worlds better than my old Xbox One X ever did. Not to mention my X1X started overheating last week. Granted, only when playing RDR2 for 3+ hours straight. I’m not repasting that thing after two years of usage when my X360 phat has run flawlessly since I got it in 2007. That, and I get the ability to do other things because it’s an actual computer. I’ve never really stuck alongside the “PC master race” viewpoint up until I encountered this whole deal way back, what like a year ago now?

No thanks. I’ll paint on FH3 just like I’ve been forced to do when this issue came about. Not only can I do everything on one system… dang scalpers (for the presence of censorship causing the inherent lack of ability to use certain, select words which I’d be much in favor of in this scenario).

No solved means that they know about the problem, but it doesn’t actually make sense in the English language.


If as you say they have removed this feature from the game. why is it still on another page as a known issue?Not removed but broken! this feature has been in all the games except for the very first one. keeps us old guys coming back!

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Sometimes I feel like I starting having this bug because of my Ban from the 7th of November 2020, I’m not sure why I think that but it felt like I was able to import designs from previous titles until the ban that I recieved.

hey there!
yesterday i’ve pruchased forza horizon 4. i thought i could import my designs from forza horizon 3, but i can’t see them. do i need to install forza horizon 3? is this bug still present for all you guys?

This issue is still there for everyone. Installing the previous games doesn’t make any difference.

want update for reput import design from other game FM and FH
want use some of my old design, like them:

i have this error too, i sould like import my vinyl SRS skyline from Forza Motorsport 7 in Horizon 4, but i can’t make this. I don;t want pain’t this vinyl again. I think, Playground created game lazy and nt would like fix errors. Error here and on cars! Lexus RC-F have don’t work one brakelight. NICE MICROSOFT!!!

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Ten months since this issue occurred and it’s still not fixed.

Yeah, unfortunate and unlikely to be resolved.

There were issues with FH3 that developed making vinyl groups created no loner visible in the vinyl editor. The vinyl groups were still listed, but no longer visible. That issue was well documented but never fixed. Apparently some folks were able to get around this by turning off the HDR function on their 4K televisions. Regardless, that issue was never properly resolved.

Obviously, they have no intention of ever fixing this.