How to record 1080p HD quality gameplay

Hello, everyone!
Recently I decided to make some gameplay videos but the thing is I don’t know which software to use for recording and editing those videos. So at the moment I use Nvidia’s Geforce experience to record my videos and sony vegas to edit and render them. Geforce experience is making nice quality videos which are 1080p, when I edit the videos with sony vegas a little bit quality is gone… I don’t know what are the exact settings for sony vegas but the big problem is when I upload the videos to youtube… There is a big difference. I mean they have the option 1080p but the quality is very bad… So my question is what is the best software to record FH4 because I know that there is some kind of problem with OBS thats why I’m not using it and my other question is how to reach maximum quality on youtube?
Thanks in advance! Have a great day!

Just some thoughts… If Nvidia’s Geforce experience works for you, records quality video and you are not wanting to stream live game play, then stay with that. As for editing the video, Sony Vegas is fine and is capable of exporting quality video. I prefer Adobe Premier, myself. But it sounds like the issue is with how you export/save the final file. Before you upload it to YouTube does the file look good playing on your pc? If not YouTube isn’t gonna make it look any better. Just make sure you export it at MP4/H.264, 1080p at a bitrate of greater then 5Mbps. Once the file plays very well (quality) on your pc then upload it to YouTube. YouTube will then take your video and re-encode it for different devices and bandwidth users, so it will make a 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p streams at various bit rates.

FYI … H264 is an older codec. H265 is the newest codec and will produce better quality video at a smaller file size than H264. Also, if your system is capable, try working in 4K instead of 1080p if you want better quality video. I routinely capture Forza video in 4K on a One X and upload it to YouTube.

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The quality is good on my PC but when I upload it to youtube it is somehow on pixels but at the same time it is checked at 1080p60fps

It doesn’t matter how good the video is when you upload it, if it’s 1080p then YouTube butchers it when it re-encodes it. What will help is to encode your 1080p videos at 1440p for when you upload them to YouTube. This will make YouTube use a better codec for 1080p, and thus your 1080p video will keep a lot more of the original quality when viewed on YouTube at 1080p. (I hope this makes sense.)

Geforce Experience creates good quality videos as well as being easier to use than the 3rd party alternatives so I wouldn’t be concerned with changing that, and it wouldn’t alter the YouTube issue anyway. I’m not familiar with Sony Vegas but if it isn’t straightforward to re-encode at 1440p then I’ve found VidCoder to produce high quality re-encodes (it uses Handbrake).

It might help if you upload a 30 second demo clip, to youtube and then maybe the original file to a file sharing site, so we can see the original and the what you are referring to.

im test xbox bar app to WIN10. I ve recorded some races and did upload to YT. for me its ok

Guys who uses Nvidia ShadowPlay can you give me the recording settings ? Please :heart:

I use default ShadowPlay High settings at 1080p, 60FPS and 50Mbps.
But considering how bad the video looks after YouTube is done with it, I’ll try 1440p.

Note that if you upload at 1440p it takes AGES for YouTube to get around to encoding the high quality version. So you first get the SD version when the first step of processing has completed. Then you get the HD version some time after that, with a max res of 1080p and using the poor quality codec. Then, what seems like an eternity later, you finally get the VP9 version, with 1440p available, but crucially, the 1080p version is then much better quality than the 1080p version that was available after stage 2 processing. It’s really annoying having to keep checking to see if the max res is 1440p before you publish the video, as there’s no option to automatically publish when that happens.