How to race A class only?

I want to select a race and only race in A class like I could in other Forza games. Is this possible online in FH4 or am I forced to race s1-s2 all the time and everything below is basically useless?

This is really frustrating.


Currently cannot select specific class or vote for a car class in team adventure.

Thanks for the simple answer. This is a game breaking mechanic for me. I really don’t like s2 because it seems most people try to win by ramming because they can’t drive, s1 is fun but I don’t want to race it all the time. I like the lower tiers because I think it takes more skill.

fh3 anyone?


Yep… it sucks hard…

Can you create your own Blueprint and race it PvP?
I don’t know, just an idea.

PVP is pretty much non-existant. All they need to do is open up PVP to pool from all players and maybe we’d get some real options in racing…

Yes you can. However you are limited to the 15-20 people in your forzathon life session so good luck getting someone to join you. If they made PvP matchmaking game wide this would be incredible but as of now it is pretty much useless.