Online Freeroam and Blueprint Races - No way to choose Class?

There is no way to restrict an Online Freeroam race to a specific car class.
There is no way to restrict a Blueprint race to a specific car class.

Or am I missing something?

What exactly would be the point of racing different classes in one race?

For example, why would anyone in a B class car want to race an A class or S1 class car?

Since there is no way to restrict the FreeRoam or Blueprint races to a specific class there seems to be no point in doing them.

Again, what am I missing here?

In a single player blueprint, you don’t need to restrict car class because the drivatars’ cars will always be near your own car’s class/PI level, so you’ll have a fair race. I’ve never played online, so maybe someone else can answer that for you. On the blueprint part, you didn’t specify single player or online multiplayer, so I answered the best I could. I apologize for not being able to answer the online portion of your question, I don’t have Gold, so I can’t go and find out for you.

True on single player. The drivatars simply drive the same class car that you choose. I meant online specifically. There is no way to restrict class. Ive played every Forza ever made and the class restriction is always an option. This is extremely bizarre.

Your best bet is to suggest online class restrictions in the FH3 Features Wishlist thread, which should be one of the yellow stickied threads at the top of page 1.

Yes, however. This is a “feature” that has been in every Forza game since the beginning of the franchise. It would be akin to requesting that steering be added to a car game. This is truly baffling.

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I agree. It’s weird indeed.

I loaded up an event yesterday on FreeRoam and didn’t see the class restriction option. I assumed the event would default to the car class of the car that I chose. I chose an A class car. Someone entered the race with an S1 class car and I just watched him destroy me at the start and that was it. Just no point to having “any class” races that I can see.

Thoroughly enjoying Online Adventure races but we really need public lobbies with full control of race options. Like we had in FH1, FM4 and older games.

Strange - I was able to set class restrictions in online freeroam the other day, and was going to set up 738 blueprints for easy access to team and non-team class restricted races for my online group. If it has gone away again, that’s pretty crazy. If you select Anything Goes first, it should ask for a class restriction, does it not do that anymore?

I was also able to easily select a class restriction when setting up a blueprint. Did you miss something. I used the anything goes. Then selected the class.

This seems to have changed since this morning. Now all the car themes in FreeRoam prompt for a class after you select them. You don’t necessarily have to select “anything goes”.

We did just get a game update this afternoon. I am pretty sure that changed things.


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