How to make ANNA be quiet

Well, mostly quiet. Its rather “simple” really. All you need to do is complete all exhibition races, bucket list challenges, 3 star every PR stunt, and smash every board. Simple!

Something that really should be added via a toggle in the options. Having her randomly change my waypoint to somewhere completely different was infuriating!

Well since ill never fully complete all of them i wish there was another way

She also drives my wife crazy

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… not only your wife.

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She does not shut up after all that.

She still tells me when I have friends playing online and do I want to join them.


There is a settings option to turn Anna off. If you choose to use it, it doesn’t do anything. It means you cannot use Anna with voice commands but she persistently pops up and bothers you.

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Oh, well no one in my friends list plays it anymore, so I don’t get that line from her anymore.

lol same here… BF1 my friends list showed yesterday! if it wasn’t for the update that forced you to install the whole game again on early release I would not have played H3 yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

cant wait to take a break from ANNA…

I remember expressing my annoyance with the constant nattering in the garage of FH2 in a thread and Jonk saying something along the lines of “we won’t make that mistake again”.

Unfortunately, this is the same mistake and is grating on me just as much.


“ANNA SHUT UP! I don’t wanna turn here!”

“I’m sorry, i can not do that Dave!”

Slams car into tree unable to move


She is very distracting…always asking if I am alone and what am I wearing…???


Yep, its impossible to make Anna be quiet. You can turn off her GPS route directions, yes. But Anna appears to be programmed to regularly answer ‘I need fans!’ every ten minutes or so, chucking a suggestion at you whether you want it or not. Worse yet, even when there are no fans to earn, she still pretends you’re saying ‘I need fans!’ every ten minutes, to which she will answer, out of nowhere, that you’ve completed everything and there’s no more fans to earn.

Definitely seems like a bug if you ask me.

ANNA is keep canceling my destination and ordering me to complete PRs… She is so scary.

“There is a bucket list event you haven’t completed. Would you like me to set a route?” no, no I wouldn’t. I’ve used ANNA 84 times apparently and 83 of those times the answer was no, the 1 yes was me hitting the wrong button.

ANNA only asks you every 5 seconds because developers/publishers think their customers are stupid and can’t think for themselves. Its why every game has X-ray vision these days or why your character says the most obvious situational statements.