How to gain skill points in Stunt Mission 4?


I’m doing the 4th challenge where you have to beat 20,000 skill points.
Not really sure how you get these?
Sometimes i’m in the low hundreds and the next high teens, but not over 20k.
I’ve watched videos on you tube and seen people beat it, but they don’t seem to be doing different than what i have.

However they must have so what do you need to do??


By building up your score combo doing drifts, hitting things, getting air, etc.

It’s nearly 100k for 3 stars, easily doable, start by trashing the garden immediately to your left, this gets the skill chain going, keep speed up and hit the street/jump you were facing when it started, knock over the camera drift, slide in to shrubs, boxes, multiple jumps around the town, go off road if needed, you do not need to stay on the street.

Just make a couple laps of the town, hit all the jumps and knock stuff over and drift in between to keep the chain going. The 3 star target really isn’t that hard if you can keep your skill chain going long enough.

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