How many NEW Hot Wheels Cars You Got? Plus Tactics to get them

So far I have zero. I saw the mustang in the auction house quite cheap, couldn’t grab it fast enough. It looks like you can’t sell them for 20M, because it was cheap.

Not managed to get many wheelspins either.

I’ve blown through 71 spins now (mixed supers and regulars) and haven’t got any new cars.

Pretty much a waste of time…yet again.

I’m thinkin to just wait till there is a flood of them for cheap, I can’t bring myself to keep trying, only to get 1000CR prizes or a duplicate junker.

From what I understand, if you own the Hot Wheels expansion, they will unlock for you once the expansion is released. So, I’m not going to obsess over them just to get them a month early.

Got one the dice one in the auction house, wasn’t even trying for it I just happened to see it while scrolling through.

The ones that come with the DLC are different from the ones that are available now.

I gotz me one

For free?

I got all 5 today. Took around 250 regular spins and around 30 super spins. I also understood from recent PGG streams that besides through wheelspins these cars will be obtaineable somehow through playing the expansion + might come up as reward cars in the playlist.

Got the Rip Rod in a wheelspin but haven’t even seen the others in the possible prizes of them outside of that and I’ve done quite a few today.

I mean I don’t have to have them now but going after them does give an extra bit of impetus to playing the game for now.

AR12 Nick went through a lot of superwheelspins and 300+ wheelspins without getting one. One of his friends got Rip Rod on 3rd one. Waste of time.


Two of the five are in the playlist next series, IIRC.

I’ve done a few wheelspins today and haven’t even spotted one roll bye,never mind landing on one

I think I’ve seen one spinning but had no luck. I’m sure I’ll get them eventually and I’m in no rush.

Had saved up around 140 spins (94 normal, 43 super) and didn’t even see one in the lottery. Complete waste.

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So far have gotten Dually and Mustang. Probably about same amount of spins as Rayne_SE

Good grief guys, after reading some posts I’m just laughing at how this game can constantly disappoint.

I’m not purposely being obtuse, but lets be honest, this grind they have us on is for the birds - I was actually hyped and thinking this update and next months DLC would breathe new life into this stale game, but this kinda stuff, grinding for spins to get literally 1000CR prizes is an insult.

No wonder the overall attitude is so poor and hostile towards this game.


Are You playing already with the hot wheels.? I also bought it but it seems starts tomorrow

Burned a shed load of Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins a few weeks ago cos I was bored… doh :roll_eyes: LoL, never mind I’m quite happy to get them as and when.

Did snag a Dually in a Super Wheelspin though…

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I’ve gone through 50 regulars and 10 supers. I also have not seen a single one!


I didn’t realise how lucky I was getting the Nash Metro. Got it within 10 spins. Love the interior and sound. It’s so violent and actually custom hot roddy. At night you see flames and hear them pop through the dash xD