How do you unlock car clubs?

I have searched but not found the answer yet. Help, please.

Just keep playing. You unlock it after a certain road trip. I forget what one but it will unlock. Just play on bud.

It’s incredibly stupid that 80% of the game is locked until a point not even mentioned. I’m playing a racing game, I have almost 100k credits, but can’t even view the buy cars feature…

That unlocks really early. It unlocks after the very 1st championship I think. When they take you to the garage. A ton of additional stuff unlocks after the 2nd championship. I’m cruising around in my upgraded GTR now. God I love this car.

what do you mean about 2 champinship

found out

I don’t mind stuff being locked at the beginning, but it would help if we knew when/what has to be done for clubs to be unlocked.

I didn’t have any problems with the install or game unlocking itself, so I’m not TOO irritated, but I was trying to get to the clubs unlocked with Howdy, and we both have work today.

I don’t have a whole lot of time left before I have to hit the bed before work. I need to get the club up for my friends if I can. Will anyone give me quick directions so I can accomplish it soon?

The game holds your hand just a bit for the first 90 minutes or so, if you follow along and don’t get sidetracked, you should unlock everything in approximately 90 minutes.

I played through the story mode up to where the demo ended and did about 3 more races and then had to crash out for work in the morning. I unlocked all the options except the “club” spot. Its still in grey and I couldn’t click on it. Maybe I need to play multiplayer first or something . If any one can explain it would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Chrispy

Unless skipping the first Bucket List thing and not doing any of the multiplayer stuff wrecked it for me, I must be slow. I spent just under three hours before giving up. I’m on the third set of Championship races.

Admittedly, I was rushing through stuff specifically to unlock the clubs, so it’s possible I did miss a step somewhere. Wrecking up the countryside is just too fun.

After that third championship and the Train in Vain event, you will drive back to the Festival, and then Clubs will be unlocked.

Sounds like I should have stayed up another half hour. Thanks!

This sound right but it’s been two weeks ago for me now and a lot of racing since so I’m not entirely sure. As I pointed out elsewhere, the game does tend to be a little scripted for the first 90 minutes, follow it along and you’ll unlock everything in due course and then you’re free to do whatever you like.

The Clubs unlock after you complete three championships (Castelletto, Nice, and Sisteron), the Train in Vain event, and drive back to the Festival to end the first road trip.

There will be big options to join a friends club, browse clubs, or view recommended clubs, and at the bottom, it will tell you which button to push to create a club. Don’t know how long I looked at that screen to figure out how to create a club. I think I was just tired.

Hope that helps!


What do you have to complete to unlock the clubs?

You have to complete the first full road trip with three championships, the Train in Vain event, and then drive back to the Horizon Festival.

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Thank you!

How do you start a Car Club? do i have to reach a certain point ingame before i’m allowed to do so? i have joined Forza Online but whenever i go to Clubs it’s blacked out and i cant access them, do i have to do something first? please and thanks to anyone who can help

Finish the first road trip, drive back to the festival. After that I am pretty sure the option opens up. If you would have noticed it has already been pointed out in this thread.