How do you even..? Online racing... Help please!

I don’t get the new online racing portion of FH4. I mean I can’t even figure out how to start it.

Before it was as easy as clicking on the Online Racing tile. The game would then connect me to any available online championships. You could even limit the selections to a specific class and race type. That’s now gone, and it looks like the only way to join championships is to drive to specific race location. I assume I’m supposed to be selecting the PVP option for a location, but so far I can’t get it to work.

It either can’t find players or it can’t “allocate a server.” How is it supposed to work now? When you select PVP at a location, does it literally start inviting other players who might be driving the same class and type of car? And if it can’t, are we supposed to just drive around, randomly trying to connect at other race locations? I’d there really no longer a way to just say, “I want to join an online championship,” and have the game connect me to whatever event is open?

If not, why would they get rid of something so simple and fast to use for something this convoluted and frustrating? I really don’t get it.

It’s the notifications. They’ve been reduced to a small number icon in the corner above the mini-map that nobody’s going to notice while driving.

The seasonals use matchmaking, though.

Yeah… I had to put myself in common-sense timeout. I wanted to get further into the game before joining what I remembered as “teams” from FH3. It never occurred to me that the quick connect to random online championships would be in the Team Adventure section of the menu.

I still think FH4 is overly complicated, messy format, when compared to the brilliant simplicity of FH2 and 3. There was a purity to those games. They were always about three things: 1) cars, 2) racing / driving / exploring; both of which were done freely in 3) a beautifully rendered world (Western US and Australia). And all of this done in an online community of car nuts, or arcade / simulation racing enthusiasts. And navigating these purposes were supremely easy.

Now the game feels cluttered and convoluted, with a messy, complicated structure that is overburdened with silver leggings and floral Wellies and useless houses.


I feel this game should have launched on April 1st rather than Oct 2nd with as much of a cruel joke they’ve played on us with rivals and multiplayer.

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FH3 coop free roam = FH4 Horizon Life (base mode)
FH3 solo (base mode) = FH4 solo
FH3 online multiplayer = FH4 team adventure

Take note people: this is a perfect answer to a less-than-perfect question. It’s perfectly clear, perfectly concise, and perfectly helpful—as my question should have been. In my own defense, however, this new iteration of FH is anything but clear or intuitive. It just feels way too convoluted and messy.

about the only one in there that is truly equal in comparision is the solo mode. coop freeroam in 3 at least had game chat and better notifications for events…and comparing Online Adventure and Team Adventure is apples and oranges…actually I should say FH3 Online Adventure is an apple…FH4 Team Adventure would be a rotten apple core…