How do you do a time trial?


Quite fancy taking a car out round monza to set a laptime for my son to beat but i can’t see a time trial or time attack setting in any of the menus,

Am i missing it or has it not been unlocked yet?

Should be “Rivals”.

Not this year. Rivals is very limited now.

You basically can’t. Unless Turn 10 make a specific Rivals event for you…

Also, you could do the cheater way like I did in Forza 6 and set the AI opponents to zero in a single-player race.

This is one of those “very stupid changes” in FM7… What they have thought when they have removed all these things(?) I don’t want to do free play races with AI, I only do those serie-races which I “have to” do, otherwise I just want to hotlap freely with different cars/tracks.


Set up a race event, then once it’s loaded, hit the test drive button, that’s as close to a free time trial as you can currently get.