How do I get good at the multiplayer?

I’ve played all the 4 seasons against AI and I gave multiplayer a try but I ended up being the last guy and everyone was like 1 mile ahead of me all the time. They were going really fast meanwhile I was going very slow with my porsche cayman. Any tips?

Download or makes your tunes and make sure that is at the top of their PI (B700, A800, S1 900, S2 999), any car is good enough if you’re using the right tune for the right race discipline
Manual with clutch is highly recommended but you can get by with manual only
No assists except for ABS and driving line
practice with unbeatable AI

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This isn’t the best advice imo. Some cars are just not very competitive regardless of how well they are tuned. Also M+C does not necessarily provide a benefit, it depends on the car and tune. You can be competitive online by using only cars which don’t need M+C if you want. In fact there is a distinct advantage M has which is you can engine brake and slow down quicker for turns. If you are going along at 200mph and there is a tight turn you need 2nd gear for, combine heavy braking with putting it quickly into 2nd and you may out-brake your opponents who aren’t doing that.

As for practice, I would practice playing against real people, not the terrible AI.

Learn what the best cars are, see what others are using to beat you. Learn the courses. Brake as late and hard as you can for corners / turns and carry as much speed through them as you can - this is where you will lose or make most time. This will come through practice.

Uncompetitive players tend to use the wrong cars/tunes and/or slow down too early or too much for corners, or try to carry too much speed through them.


Just tune up your car. You cant compete with other players or expert+ difficulty AIs if you dont tune your car. The reason you are so behind is because you are probably using the stock car with stock tune. Way low its maximum capabilities.

Aside that, just keep playing and playing until your driving skills get good. Things like, avoiding pressing breaks and just taking advantaje of your inertia, or braking just a bit right before the corner and accelerating after that as closer as the inner corner you can, and other things, seem trivial but that is what is going to make you escalate positions. And if you are new to the game, well that requires experience.

And you can play on automatic if you want. There is no noticeable difference between manual and automatic. If you are using a wheel, manual should be the right choice for realism, if not, it will be way easier for you to play on automatic.

Have to disagree with you there. I play using Automatic all the time…however, I will occasionally use Manual when doing a Rivals event and I can be a second or more quicker. A current Road Rivals and someone using Manual gains about 3-4 car lengths at the start using the same car and tune.

Automatic just has the car change gears generally when it hits the red line but a lot of cars/tunes have optimal changes before or after that point. Manual is more noticeable in the lower classes…I do a lot of D Class Dirt Rivals and I frequently get bogged down because the auto box is in a higher gear than is need coming out of a hairpin.


Manual is faster and required if you’re trying to reach the top of the leaderboards. However, if you’re just trying to be more competitive in the Trial, you can still be asily fast enough to beat the AI using automatic shifting. I use manual in the Forza Motorsport games, but with the chaos that is Horizon, I find it a much more enjoyable experience using automatic. As long as you choose a decent tune for your car (rank 20 tuners tend to be pretty reliable) and practice, you should start to see big improvements. I would recommend trying to ditch ABS in the first instance though - just try to control your brake trigger finger. As soon as the controller starts to rumble, you’re about to lock up.


For a simple answer… I use automatic, and download a tune that is 5 Star rated, and turn traction Control Off, Abs On. I usually lead the race. My skill/ability is to take bends well, I turn before I reach the bend, and skid into the inside of the checkpoint. That takes practice.

I mean you are often racing people that don’t bother with anything. If I was racing some of the people above I would lose. But chances are you aren’t going to be that unlucky.

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Some really good advice above. This would be my checklist:

  1. Use a car that is strong in that class. You should be able to find “meta” lists and also see what others are having success with against you online. As you get better, the range of cars which you can comfortably use will improve but the best cars in class will be several seconds quicker than the “average” car;

  2. Ensure you have a decent tune at the top of class (b700, a800, s1900, s2998). Ignore the 5 star tunes (sorry Aqua). They are often old and clickbait and are probably no more than ok. Tunes by any of the following will be decent - Scaans, JumpyArdvarkITA, seeyeahboss, GreetedDust8, nalak28, rocklxd, nfx6621, ESV naps, skyinfin, exr garmite, ESV suimin, rocknrolla608, hlundh, Kapienpl, vital reaper x and VNX codcaos. If you are running auto, also try DaddyBee42. Generally, go for newer tunes. If none of the above have a tune for a car, it’s probably not good.

  3. Ensure you have an appropriate tune for the conditions. Race tyres are not generally going to work well in winter or on dirt. Most tuners are fairly clear if it’s a dirt or winter tune.

  4. Learn the courses. This takes time but, if you know what corner is coming, it’s a lot easier to prepare for it and you’ll know where you can gain additional time.

  5. Use as few assists as you are comfortable with. As mentioned above, manual is faster than auto. Some tunes will also only work at their best with manual-clutch.

  6. Practice. Rivals is a great way to learn the courses under no pressure and see if you can improve your time.


To begin with, the performance index for the Porsche challenge is stupid as fuck, it allows any car from 100 to 998, then the game adds bots of the corresponding PI, but if all other players are about 998 and you have a A800 car, you can only try to beat your corresponding bot, no chance to do any better.

So, first you have to use a S2 car if you want to “compete” really with others. I just did a run with S1-900 and got 4th-5th on all races, while other players were all S2-960+.
Also, as the others said, even with the same PI, you may not have the actual same performances/handling. First tune your grip/transmission/weight and then power.

The GT3 RS '18 /'19 got a good grip and general handling with high power output, it’s easy to do well with it. If you want something more exotic, the 918 is very efficient or even the old 911 GT1 road version.
Almost any GT2/GT3 will do good, even the 911 turbo, but forget the 944 or 968 they have literally no grip if you put enough power to go PI 900+

And finally, knowing the course may sounds basic, but if you know what comes next, you may place your car better and get to a better speed on curves. Also, don’t brake too late, or if you want to gain some distance with brakings, don’t smash it, brake at 70~80%, it’ll be more efficient than ABS, shorten braking distance a little and you’ll keep more front grip.

My biggest secret to speed in any racing game is adjusting controller deadzone settings. In Forza Horizon often the track is much straighter as it looks as you only have to brush the check points. I eat people up watching them go left and right needlessly. Stay as straight as possible.

Also keep the power on as much as possible when you brake especially in turbo cars. People seem to lift and brake way too much. Often a mini-dab allows you to keep speed and make it whilst still applying lots of or at least some power.

With the deadzone settings adjusted you get increased throttle and steering sensitivity as you will suddenly find the weight doesn’t suddenly shift from one side to another out of nowhere as unpredictably. This is because your inputs without it adjusted do not immediately register for the first few degrees and then suddenly they will abruptly at once which disturbs the car.

Use manual with clutch if you can. People might be fast with automatic too, but that’s in spite of that.

If you are loosing by 3, 5, or 7 seconds then pick a track in Rivals and choose someone who is that many seconds faster and learn to chase them down. Watch how they position themselves before a corner and then how transition through the corner and corner exit. At the end of the day it is corner entry and exit that killing your time.

Dealing with all the idiots in ranked adventure that just want to ram you is a whole different strategy.

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