New to multiplayer

I always seem to find myself in last place online and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Looking for help and tips so I can at least be competitive. My ft Cannon_1Hunnitt I would appreciate some help

What hoppers are you driving in? What class? Cars? Have you played before?

get a good tune for your car that matches the class you are racing in. in multiplayer hit the a btton in the lobby for options, select load tune and pick a tune. it may take a few tries even for 5 star tunes since some tunes are for drag or drift rather than racing. one you have a good tune concentrate on keeping your car on the track, you’ll pass alot of faster cars when they fly off the track and are slogging their way back. its faster to let someone go than to wreck in every corner, back off and let them wreck solo and pass them while they are off the track.

If you see this send me a game invite on the xbox next time im on. I will be more than happy to help you out with some tunes and give you some pointers.

Also please check this LINK out. There is a lot of helpful information in here that will dramatically increase your driving ability

Based on your gamerscore, assuming you are new to Xbox as well, I cannot really see how far you came on the Career of FM5 yet. To be somewhat competitive online, I would say you need to be able to complete Career races with Drivatar-difficulty on 20% (or higher).

Also, try to diminish the use of assists. Even though it sounds/feels hard to do: no ABS, no STM, semi-auto shifting. If you use a controller (and not a wheel), you can choose Normal Steering as well.

Tuning, as other state, might help you although I can imagine you quickly feel lost for a new/other tune if you quickly need to switch cars in the game or need to switch from racing to drifting, for instance. It’s better to try and learn cars “as they come” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately in multiplayer lobbies there are so many people building ‘bitch’ cars huge power an acceleration using all assists. This game needs a pro lobby where no assists are allowed. Furthermore a lot of people are corner cutting too. No one seems to care about a clean race or clean fast lap times either…sorry just my 2p…

When your racing online, focus on staying on the track. If you can run the 3 laps without a 10 second detour through the grass you’re probably going to finish top 5. Be aware of the cars around you, and try to keep yourself out of bad situations. Give space for the overly aggressive driver who’s running his line no matter what. Yes backing off and letting him through is slower but it’s a lot faster than getting punted. Plus even if he’s running 2-3 seconds as lap faster than you, i can pretty much guarantee he’s gonna have atleast one wreck and finish behind you.

Consistency wins not fastest lap.

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I can’t stress this enough!


Judging from your Level and Gamerscore, you are VERY new to Forza. That said, “Welcome!”.

Now, I will tell you that there a lots of players that only play Forza online and have been playing Forza since the Forza 1 was released just over 10 years ago! (me included). You can’t expect to run with the fastest players being a newbie unless you are just loaded with raw talent.

So here’s what you do…

Pick a class that you’re comfortable with and like the cars. If you don’t like the cars you’re using, you won’t be having any fun and well “fun” is kind of the point of playing games in the first place right?

Second, download some well-rated tunes for your cars in a given class. I can’t stress enough, pick a class and stick with it for a while. Then find a track that you want to get better at and race against a ghost car in Rivals. Watch their lines, brake points and work on being smooth. For now, leave on your ABS and Traction Control but switch to Manual Mode. It will help.

Finally, ask questions in lobbies. There are always people willing to help.


When I was first online the same thing, then I switched to manual with clutch and realized that going from auto to manual with clutch is a huge advantage

Unless ur a really good driver I would stick with assists till you can get a handle on ur driving. Then you can go one by one on ur assists till you get to where to feel comfortable driving with few assists on. I personally drive with manual ABS brakes, brake line only, normal steering, tcs only, and automatic shifting and still win alot of lobbies. It’s all on how you drive to determine where you will finish on multiplayer.

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Welcome to Forza!

I’ll take a look for you; can’t offer advice better than our good racers, but at least I can keep you company at the back of the pack :smiley:
“I hear Bronze is the new Gold” ha ha Really though - for Achievements, few multiplayer incentives care: a medal is a medal whether Bronze or Gold.